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(( continued from The Royal Banquet ))

As much as Gil wanted to see Tiva, he wouldn’t do it. The risk was already too great with her just being in the city. He didn’t need to compound it by running back to her. Instead he made a beeline to the wine shop where he swapped his dress uniform for casual clothes. With everything tucked carefully in his satchel he returned to the residential quarter. Instead of going toward his own home, he went to the more affluent area where the manors were larger and more ostentatious.

In the city, property was scarce, so even the largest, most decadent mansions were on small plots of land. It allowed Gil disappear from the street and move from yard to yard until he found himself at the servant’s entrance to the Montague estate.

He rapped his knuckles on the door and waited. After all, late night visits from him weren’t exactly rare. Sometimes it was business, sometimes…not.

He grinned at his shoes and waited.

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Siobhán Montague, Rogue

Siobhan returned home quickly, leaving her brother at the Tea House along the way. She had poured herself a glass of sweet wine from Dalton before checking in with her staff. A bath was drawn for her on her orders before she went to her room and disrobed. Usually a woman in her standing would have a maidservant help her undress and bathe...but she was usually a private person especially when she had hidden weapons across her body. She donned a pink silk robe and headed for the bathing chambers. Which was why she didn't get the door for Gilead. Instead, her maidservant answered the door.

Sophia was a 21 year old girl who was born and bred in Cor Cathair. She was not a thin girl with curvy hips and a small waist. Her hair was honeybrown and her eyes were a soft, pale green. She was the middle child of seven and was always trying to please her Lord and Lady. Especially Lady Montague, whom she trusted dearly. Lady Montague had set aside moneys to help her with furthering her education. Sophia wanted to learn more on tailoring dresses...she loved the idea of making gowns. She knew it was so much more than just cross stitching and hemming...she wanted to learn it all. The lady of the house had much trust in Sophia who was hired when she was just twelve. She learned how to fold towels until she was an expert then. Now she knew the Lady of the house so well that Siobhan would have a hard time finding such good help.

The door opened and she saw Mister Guillaume standing there. She smiled and held the door open for him for it wasn't the first time he called for the Montagues at such a late hour.

"Good evening, sir. The Lord is not home at this time though the lady is headed for a bath at this time. If you wish, you can wait in the smoking room...unless you are in a rush. The lady has always told me you sometimes have urgent business to speak of and I am to take you to her, or her brother, follow me."

Sophia turned and her hips repeated follow me.

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Gil frowned to learn that Shane wasn’t in residence. He wanted to speak to them both. This wasn’t a booty call, and visiting Siobhan alone in a bathing chamber would turn it into exactly that.

“I’ll wait in the smoking room,” he said brusquely. He knew the way, but followed all the same. He had too much thinking to do. Everything was turning upside down, and as usual it all happened at once. The King, Tiva…was it a coincidence, or was fate throwing a wrench into his life? All he knew was that every fibre of his being warned him something insurmountable was about to happen.

“And advise the Lady that I am indeed in a rush.” He was still being abrupt, but who could blame him. He’d spent half the night watching his first love gyrate in nothing more than strips of cloth, his wife had been looking at him like she wanted to climb him like a tree, Siobhan was somewhere nearby getting naked, and he was pretty sure his King was gay.

How the fuck did I get here?


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Siobhán Montague, Rogue

Sophia bowed and left him to his own devices once in the smoking room. She went directly to where Siobhan was and helped her with her robe. She had just climbed into the tub of steaming water and her skin was still dewy despite the towel that she used in a rush. In just a few moments, Siobhan was at the entrance of the smoking room. Her hair loose and untamed...which was so unlike her. Wet strands pressed like a lover against her cheek and the sides of her throat. Even her eyelashes clung to sweet droplets of water. That Gil came to her like this, meant something was afoot. He didn't wish for companionship nor was it a late night visit to meet her between the sheets.


She turned and whispered something to Sophia, who walked backwards and closed the double doors as she did so. Once they were alone, she felt her heart skip a beat for some reason. Her eyes welled with gentle tears as she closed the distance between them and whispered. What if something happened to Zora or the children? What is Shane was hurt...or worse? What if...

"What is it? What happened?"


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At Siobhan’s greeting, Gil visibly relaxed. He realised he must have look rather grim to have her looking at him like that, so he forced a smile and brushed a kiss over her cheek. His instinct was to say it was fine, but nothing was fine.

He took Siobhan by the elbow and steered her toward a chair.

“You didn’t realise it was her. Good. This is good.” He nodded to himself. That meant Shane didn’t know either or he would be here with his sister. He ran his hand through his hair, absently noting how much longer it had become over the past year. Not being allowed to shave his head sent him into one of his notoriously childish rebellions against An Còir. He’d stopped cutting it all together and should probably start tying it back.

Fuck! Why am I thinking about my god damned hair at a time like this?

No doubt his expression was grim again.


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Siobhán Montague, Rogue

Siobhan remained quiet as he lead her to sit at a nearby chair but she didn't sit. Whatever it was, was urgent...perhaps not 'live and death' urgent as she first thought yet...he was still in urgent mode. She had learned about Gil all too well over the past year whether they were sharing information or sharing their bodies. She honed in on his emotions, body language and expressions...learning more than he probably wanted her to know about him.

When he posed his question with the word 'her', she immediately knew who he was talking about. Siobhan saw her dance at the palace banquet. How could she not? Sure, her hair was not as bright red and her face was covered suspicion was placed on her because all the other Nuae dancers had their eyes covered as well. Basically, she recognized Tiva for her rounded hips. The most delicious hips she had ever tasted.

"I...well...who are you speaking of...because...I sort of knew all along."


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Inside Gil was a mess of exasperation, but outwardly only his eyes narrowed a little.

“You know?”

He dropped into a chair and resisted the urge to glare at her. He wanted to throw his hands in the air and scream are you fucking kidding me. Instead he rolled his lips between his teeth before releasing a slow breath. If Siobhan knew him well enough she would know that was tantamount to an explosive reaction.

“You don’t seem particularly concerned,” he noted calmly. “What kind of fallout do you foresee should any of your enemies recognise her? You know, the woman your bother supposedly killed in order to cement his claim as Guild Master.”


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Siobhán Montague, Rogue

Siobhan saw it in his eyes. She could taste it in the air. They way he looked at her, the sound of his voice, they way his lips moved...even his breathing. Oh yes, she knew...she knew Gil well enough to come to the conclusion that he was soon to explode. She knew it at the banquet...she saw how he was before, and after, his wife joined him.

"Not concerned. As I see it, only her most intimate of companions recognized her. You and I. Not even Shane knew it was her, and he still doesn't."

She crossed her arms over her chest after pulling the robe tighter around her still damp body. She felt chill.

"And keep your pants on, Gil...they will be heading back to Nuall tomorrow. Long gone, and I doubt she will return. She had to know how dangerous it was for her...but for us as well. I don't think it will happen again. I will be making a little trip to Nuall just to make sure. Surely that will calm your shit."


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Gil grinned, but it was a wicked grin. Calm his shit. He wondered if Siobhan would benefit from night with the Dog, because her blasé reaction definitely called for it. Sure, he was the always the first to admit he worried more than necessary, but that level of worry kept him alive over the years. And it wasn’t as though she was wrong. It was unlikely anyone recognised Tiva, and if they did, she still wouldn’t know what they were seeing. People saw what they wanted to see. They saw what they expected to see. Thanks to Julian, everyone saw Tiva die. At most they would view the Nuae dancer as remarkable coincidence.

“Come here.”

He held his hand out to Siobhan.


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Siobhán Montague, Rogue

Gil grinned. When Gil grinned it was either in anticipation of something oh so delicious or a warning of what was to come next. At this moment, Siobhan couldn't decide on either one. She tilted her head slightly to the side and her eyes squinted just a little as if she were considering either reaction from him. She stepped forward after a few heartbeats, trusting the part of him that would never actually wish harm on her no matter what she said or did. As an afterthought, she wondered if that were even something she could rely on. Too late, she approached him and almost with the grace of a dancer, slipped her hand in his waiting hand.



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