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From: NOLACBP3/8/17 1:52 PM 
To: ALH945  (2 of 17) 
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I got an offer through VRA and they offeered the exact same locations that come out on regular announcments. A waste of time! I declined tge offer of course because i am currently a CBPO in New Orleans why would i take those hell holes
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From: ALH9453/8/17 1:59 PM 
To: NOLACBP  (3 of 17) 
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That sucks but maybe it's more for new officers? My husband's waiting on an offer so we'll see..


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From: blackraiin3/8/17 3:16 PM 
To: ALH945  (6 of 17) 
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Hi ... would you mind letting me know what your husband gets offered ... i am a vet also and active in the process but i'm not close to where your spouse is. i am still waiting to get my SI (playing the waiting game at this point). I am just curious as to what he'd get offered.




From: Djmacfd3/8/17 3:48 PM 
To: ALH945  (7 of 17) 
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Did you get to pick a location on the application 


From: ALH9453/8/17 4:03 PM 
To: blackraiin  (8 of 17) 
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Sure I'll let you know


From: ALH9453/8/17 4:03 PM 
To: Djmacfd  (9 of 17) 
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No, it says location negotiable.


From: NOLACBP3/8/17 4:17 PM 
To: ALH945  (10 of 17) 
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Obviously you dont know how it works. Its called a loop hole it doesnt matter if current or a "truely new hire" . I am also the recruiting liason for my port so I know exactly how this works I just reapplied to see what other locations there were available. But anyway good luck on the southwest border. Or Washington state or North Dakota lol.

From: ALH9453/8/17 6:48 PM 
To: NOLACBP  (11 of 17) 
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You are ridiculous. I've already been on the SW border for several years. I did the reapply. How do you reply to someone like that when you have no idea what they've experienced?

Read my last message I'm not going to keep repeating myself. I don't have to be a recruiter to know how it works -that's not the point I was making anyway. 

 And aren't you the one that posted  you were forced on TDY to the SW border? I guess it's Good luck to you & glad you'll get to see what real work is like.  

ALSO it's disappointing that you reapplied for no reason & took up MHCs time when there are new people trying to go through the hiring process. That doesn't help your fellow veterans or anyone else out for that matter. 


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