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From: TydaddyMay-31 10:55 AM 
To: merlin436 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (32 of 50) 
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Was leaning towards NOLA until I started looking at real estate prices and commute times. We have 4 - 100# dogs so a yard is necessary, and a big one. In our price range, I'd be looking at well over an hour commute. I've done that before - andxwill never do it again.

Alex Bay is the likely choice. I was also talking to someone at FLETC who is from and picked alex bay. Shes been there since being sent home from FLETC for COVID19. New hires typically work 8-4 m-f, no weekends. OT will obviously be a challenge, but with the new port being constructed, they're apparently hiring 75 new officers, per what she said, essentially doubling the port size. 

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From: OMG we’re all getting jic’ed (Myerlin436)May-31 6:52 PM 
To: Tydaddy  (33 of 50) 
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Sounds like a decent choice. Just be aware that the new hire schedule is most likely during field training and subject to change after. 


From: TydaddyMay-31 7:06 PM 
To: OMG we’re all getting jic’ed (Myerlin436)  (34 of 50) 
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She said she was told it was for the first year? Idk. I tend to work as much as possible. A couple months ago I volunteered to work a 17 hr day with TSA. 


From: OMG we’re all getting jic’ed (Myerlin436)May-31 7:21 PM 
To: Tydaddy  (35 of 50) 
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Nice! Yeah just wanted to give you a warning as at different ports it’s just for FTO. Best not to make a decision based on that alone. But everything else is well thought out. New Orleans is a fun city but like you’re finding out, good luck living inexpensively!

best of luck. 


From: txdustMay-31 8:19 PM 
To: Tydaddy  (36 of 50) 
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If you have any specific questions about NOLA  let me know. It’s my hometown and I was a cop there for 13 years before coming on board with ice.


From: TydaddyMay-31 8:24 PM 
To: txdust  (37 of 50) 
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Thanks. But I'm pretty sure its going to be ABay. 


From: SDFever09 (19821992)Jun-1 8:11 AM 
To: Tydaddy  (38 of 50) 
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NOLA or Andrade. I'm in SD now and have been trying to get to Andrade for a year. There's a big wait list to transfer there for a reason. (Personally, landborder is much more enjoyable than an airport, I can't speak for seaports).


From: TydaddyJun-1 8:14 AM 
To: SDFever09 (19821992)  (39 of 50) 
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8 more weeks at fletc to learn spanish? No thanks. Lol. 


From: SDFever09 (19821992)Jun-2 9:49 PM 
To: Tydaddy  (40 of 50) 
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I didnt go to Spanish school but is it really 8 weeks? Wow! 


From: TydaddyJun-2 9:59 PM 
To: SDFever09 (19821992)  (41 of 50) 
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From what I've heard and read. The course is 6-8 weeks. I wouldnt mind learning spanish...but not staying there for another 2 months. 


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