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From: Dambust3rOct-10 2:53 PM 
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Greetings Dambusters. 

Ever wondered how many different styles of tights and pantyhose exist?

 Y'know, patterned, sheer, ballet, all the deniers, colours, size..?

Nah... me neither.

So, I thought for today, I'd post something about 'patterned'. I don't even want to try to give the tights a name, some are just.. messy tights. Sometimes, I've used the 'macro' lens, to look at the weave close up.

In the vast majority of cases, I only bought these tights to see what they felt and looked like  - and post them here for you. It's obvious when I post pics of myself, the tights I 'could' wear out amongst the lesser mortals, and those for 'home experience' only.

In a lot of cases, only young women who are either very daring, or lost their sense of fashion would wear these tights... but that's a bit unfair really. Because in amongst the thousands of different types, colours and styles, YOU have YOUR favourite tights too.

Everyone has a favourite!  Even if it's hard to choose. But one particular pair will always mean a bit more than the others. Readers who like thin tights (<35d) write off.. what? 70% of the existing market. Those who prefer Cotton tights, probably also write off 70%.

I guess you might say I'm lucky, cos' I really prefer 30-40-50 denier, above 10% lycra, plain black tights. Easy to find, cheap, and conservative enough to wear out amongst the great unwashed. Other colours follow.

Then, we have that, the colour preference. So, now you have the battle of colours. with your favourite tights, you might belong to a very small group.. or, if they're a popular choice; a small group.

Schoolgirls in England grow up wearing tights. But in general, don't tire from wearing them. The main thing is they try to wear thinner and thinner tights -  as they associate thick clumsy tights with little kids who would only break thin ones. Also, as they get older, they see the fashionable and alluring appeal, as they flash a bit of teenage thigh in front of the spotty ado with galloping hormones... All part of the learning curve.

Oh yes, tights soon join the arsenal of make-up, hair sprays, jewellery and two socks. But it's tough for them when they go off to the local night club.. armed with their alco-pops and fake ID's, invariably, the want to avoid wearing schoolgirl tights... Out comes the Tan. Now they feel 'grown up'.

If they are going to wear black tights (never blue) for a night on the town (until Dad picks them up at 10.00pm).. they'll have to be less than 40, or, whatever denier they wear to school. That's fine in a darker environment - I talked about that in a previous post. Above 40d, and it'll look like they're wearing leggings, ... not 'cool' in a night club... Of course, they know all this..

The link to YouTube is nice. Fun. And rather cute... kids performances, I've never seen anything like it in England or France! There's a few that you can take a look at on the "video" list, but other than the use of tights by schoolgirls for other than school uniform, or ballet, these vids are rather different.

Here's some pics - the links below.. somewhere.. I think.


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From: WisPantyhoseOct-16 9:49 AM 
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Not sure the patterns are my thing, but if it is pantyhose or tights who am I to argue. Love the look on others.


From: mytights52Oct-17 3:59 PM 
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I myself love doing patterns they give a different look of course you could go with net tights over glossy pantyhose or colored opaques. Here are just a few of mine I love wearing last one is coffee colored rhinestone fishnets over glossy pantyhose.


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