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Dan Bruns reacquires Delphi May 1, 1996   News and Press Releases

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Delphi Internet Services Former CEO Reacquires Service From News Corporation

Cambridge, MA April 30, 1996 Dan Bruns, former Chief Executive Officer of Delphi Internet Services, today led a team of on-line executives in the purchase of the pioneering on-line service back from the News Corporation.

"I'm thrilled to be back with Delphi," says Bruns. "In the two years since I parted with the company, I've talked on-line and in person with many Delphi members, and their enthusiasm and loyalty for the service remains high. I'm committed to ensuring that Delphi continues to offer a friendly and exciting on-line experience."

"The company is profitable, and I intend to keep it that way," remarks Bruns. "The top management team includes a number of on-line industry veterans, and I will be announcing their appointments shortly."

The entrepreneurial Bruns is a leader in the on-line industry as a Board member of the Interactive Services Association and as a co-founder and CEO of Knowledge Factory Partners. Knowledge Factory's service, Business Factory ( is a World Wide Web site delivering localized and personalized business news to executives at smaller and midsized companies.

The Delphi service began fifteen years ago as the world's first on-line encyclopedia. In ensuing years, Delphi evolved into a meeting-place of hundreds of on-line communities where people of like interests meet and interact. In 1992 Delphi acquired BIX, the on-line service for technical professionals, from McGraw-Hill. In the same year Delphi became the first major on-line service to offer full Internet access. News Corporation purchased the company in 1993.

Delphi has prospered through its cultivation of on-line forums serving a wide diversity of topics and interests. Delphi is unique in offering its members the ability to create their own "custom forums," where members can host a discussion about any topic. Popular custom forum topics include the hit Fox show X-Files, the legendary singer/songwriter/author Jimmy Buffett, and the world of trivia. Delphi also provides its own forums about popular topics, including the Internet Special Interest Group, where members can learn about navigating through the Internet with Walt Howe, an Internet expert and author of Internet Basics, a pioneering book about the hows and whys of the Internet.

"There's a great deal of enthusiasm among the membership about the return of Bruns and his team to Delphi," says Howe. "There are plenty of Delphi members hoping they never have to try another service, and so this is terrific news for them."

The service will continue operating from its current Cambridge, Massachusetts offices, and can be reached at (800) 544-4005 for information about subscribing.


Press Contact: David Parker