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Are you interested in the history of Delphi? Want to know how this all came about? Do you have information to share about the earliest internet company still around?

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Delphi Forums Timeline   Timeline

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Please consider this the beginning stages of a timeline/history of Delphi Forums

1980 - 1982 - founded by Wes Kussmaul as Kussmaul Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia, email and a primitive chat. Added newswires, bulletin boards and better chat in early 1982.

1983 - 1992 - Delphi online service, General Videotex Corporation
Forums are text-based, and accessed via Telenet, Sprintnet, Tymnet, Datapac (Canada). Delphi name first used March 15, 1983. Partners with ASCII Corp. of Japan to open online services in 1991.

1992 - 1993 - Delphi online service, General Videotex Corporation 
Delphi is the first service to provide national consumer access to the internet in 1992: Email (July 1992), FTP, Telnet, Usenet, text-based web access (November 1992), MUDs, finger, Gopher.
December 9, 1992 Internet Service announcement
Media History Timeline
History of Electronic Publishing

1993 - 1996 - Delphi Internet Services - News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch
Delphi had 125,000 text based customers in 1995, by 1996 they were down to less than 5,000 by some accounts, 50,000 by others. Other estimates of membership range from half a million, to 2.5 million during this time period.
Rupert Murdoch Buys Delphi
Online World Handbook

1996 - 1999 - Delphi Internet Services
Delphi moves to a web-based interface, and free service. Advertising supported. Earlier forums have full websites, later forums have a single templated webpage.
Dan Bruns acquires Delphi
Members offered webpages
ISP Partnership program
October 1996 pricing program

2000 - 2001 - Delphi Forums, Prospero Technologies
Prospero was formed in January 2000 as the merger of Delphi Forums and Wellengaged. Webpages for forums are discontinued. December 2000, switch to PChat.
Forum webpages discontinued, March 2001

2001 - 2002 - Delphi Forums, Blue Frogg Enterprises
Rob Brazell purchases Delphi Forums, merges with eHow and Idea Exchange, forms Blue Frogg Enterprises. Prospero sold to Inforonics.
Sale to Blue Frogg announcement
Merger with eHow and Idea Exchange
Sale of Prospero to Inforonics

2002 - 2008 - Delphi Forums, LLC.
Prospero reacquires Delphi Forums, joins it with Talk City to form Delphi Forums LLC. PChat2 introduced, December 2002
Formation of Delphi Forums, LLC

March 3, 2008 - August 2011 - Delphi Forums
Newly formed company Mzinga acquires Prospero, Delphi Forums & Talk City. Details in Press release here: 180.1

September 1, 2011 - Delphi Forums, LLC
Mzinga sells Delphi Forums and its sister site Talk City to original Delphi online services executive and Mzinga VP Dan Bruns, forming (once again) Delphi Forums LLC. Announcement here.

January 18, 2012 - Delphi Forums, LLC
Delphi Forums resigns from the BBB in protest of pending SOPA/PIPA legislation, which the BBB supports. Hosts join in web protest by having their forums "go dark" for the day. Delphi Forums Quits Better Business Bureau Over BBB's Support of SOPA

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All timeline deposits are welcome. Please post in this thread.