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Rupert Murdock buys Delphi (1993)   News and Press Releases

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From: Cstar1


Rupert Murdoch Buys Delphi

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has bought General Videotex, which runs the Delphi and Bix services. The company will be renamed Delphi Internet Services when the deal closes in about a month, which gives you some idea where the controversial media empire's interests lie. Delphi will become a part of News Corp.'s news technology group, and with Murdoch's backing hopes to become a much bigger player in the interactive services future. Delphi does not yet have a graphic interface, although one is in the works. Tentative discussions have been had regarding online versions of the TV Guide, Boston Herald, NY Post and other Murdoch newspapers.

Delphi hopes to develop templates for the newspapers of the future, which will take time, though some changes will come much sooner, like online appearances by authors, and the establishment of virtual communities for different subjects of information, perhaps in conjunction with Harper Collins, Murdoch's book publishing arm. Murdoch has bold plans for forming alliances with many other kinds of communication companies and Delphi could become a major player in the US online market.

One thing Delphi will *not* change is "the community feel people really cherish on Delphi," explained Rusty Williams, vice president and general manager of Delphi. Smart move, since these are the things that keep people online. I can personally recommend Delphi's service. If you are looking for an inexpensive point of entry to the internet, their 20/20 gives you 20 hours of access for $23 monthly, including email, gopher and FTP. They have a well-stocked file library of basic guides to the internet, and their internet forum is full of budding infonauts eager to help beginners out.
(CONTACT: Delphi 800/111-1111) (SOURCE: Newsbytes 9/2/93)

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From: Cstar1


Short version:

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has bought General Videotex,
to be renamed Delphi Internet Services.  General Videotex runs
Delphi, the fifth-largest commercial online service.  (Also BIX,
a service of Byte magazine.)  Murdoch owns TV Guide, Harper
Collins, the Boston Herald, NY Post, and other publishing
ventures, and hopes to be a big player in interactive services. 
[Newsbytes 9/2/93.  Bits & Bytes.]

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From: Cstar1


Here's the announcement as it was made to Delphi members. Found in the September 1993 issue of Callahan's Bar Rag.

"We're pleased to announce an agreement in principle for The News Corporation Limited to acquire DELPHI. The announcement was made September 1,1993 by News Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rupert Murdoch, during a speech broadcast via satellite to company locations in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Sydney, Australia.

"News Corporation is a multinational media company headquartered in Sydney. Some of News Corporation's well known businesses include Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Television, Harper Collins Publishing, TV Guide, Mirabella Magazine, Sky TV, Star TV, and large number of newspapers in Great Britain, the US, and Australia including the Boston Herald, the New York Post, and the Times of London.

"It's important to note, however, that in many ways it will be business as usual for DELPHI -- just on a larger scale. Delphi's management team will remain the same, we'll be operating out of the same facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and we'll remain committed to providing high-value innovative services with an emphasis on personal interaction. Maintaining the community feeling of DELPHI is important to us and it is important to News Corporation."

From a message from Rusty Williams in the Interactive Future forum.