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Internet Access Announcement 12/9/92   News and Press Releases

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From: Cstar1


Date: 09 Dec 1992 00:13:55 -0500 (EST)
Subject: File 4--DELPHI Announces Full Access to the Internet
DELPHI Online Service Announces Full Access to the Internet
Cambridge MA, December 9, 1992 --   DELPHI, an international online
service, today announced full access to the Internet including
real-time electronic mail, file transfers with "FTP," and remote
log-ins to other Internet hosts using "Telnet." With this
announcement, DELPHI becomes the only leading consumer online service
to offer such a wide variety of Internet features.
Russell Williams, DELPHI's general manager, explains the significance
of this announcement. "Prior to now,  anyone interested in accessing
the Internet had a very limited number of options.  In most cases you
had to be connected directly through your company or school.  DELPHI
is now an important low-cost access option available to home computer
users. Anyone can connect to DELPHI with a local call from over 600
cities and towns throughout the US and in many other countries."
The Internet is considered the world's largest computer network.  It
is comprised of thousands of companies, colleges, schools, government
agencies, and other organizations.  There are currently an estimated 4
million users. "This incredible collection of resources will mean
better and more specialized services for all users" adds Mr. Williams.
"For example, users can take electronic courses conducted by leading
universities, access databases and reports from government agencies,
and get product information and support directly from companies. There
are also mailing lists and discussion groups for almost every special
interest imaginable.  Electronic mail can be used to send private
messages to anyone on the Internet and even many commercial networks
like Compuserve and MCI Mail."
DELPHI's connection to the Internet works both ways:  In addition to
offering access out to other networks, DELPHI provides value-added
services to people already on the Internet.  Any user of the Internet
can access DELPHI to use services such as Grolier's Academic American
Encyclopedia, the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Reuters and UPI
newswires, stock quotes, computer support, travel reservations,
special interest groups, real-time conferencing, downloadable
programs, and multi-player games.  All these services can be reached
through the Internet simply by joining DELPHI and then telnetting to
the address "" via the commercial Internet.
In order to help new users with questions related to the Internet,
DELPHI has an area online to provide support.  The Internet Special
Interest Group (SIG) includes an active message forum where members
and staff can exchange useful information. Comprehensive guide books,
downloadable software, and information files are also available.
DELPHI has two membership plans: the 10/4 Plan is $10 per month and
includes the first 4 hours of use; additional use is $4 per hour.  The
20/20 Advantage Plan is $20 per month, includes 20 hours of use, and
is only $1.80 per hour for additional time.  The Internet service
option is an extra $3 per month and includes a generous transfer
allocation of 10 megabytes (the equivalent of about 3,000 type-written
pages).  Access during business hours via Sprintnet or Tymnet carries
a surcharge.
Through a special trial membership offer, anyone interested in
learning more about DELPHI and the Internet can receive 5 hours of
access for free. To join, dial by modem, 1-800-365-4636 (current
Internet users should telnet to "" instead).  After
connecting, press return once or twice.  At the Username prompt, enter
JOINDELPHI and at the password prompt, type INTERNETSIG. DELPHI Member
Service Representatives can also be reached by voice at
DELPHI is a service of General Videotex Corporation, a leading
developer of interactive and online services based in Cambridge,
Massachusetts.  For more information, call either of the above numbers
or send email to Walt Howe, Internet SIG manager at
Downloaded From P-80 International Information Systems 304-744-2253

Source: The Hacker Chronicles II