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God is Our Inheritance
discussion Peter spoke of this fact.
in Jesus' Place
Most important command you can teach?
discussion Which one do you use more often with your dog?
in German Shepherd Dog Forum
CPAC "Uncanceled" still deplorable
discussion The annual right wing conference canceled an anti-Semitic speaker, but kept some doozies
in Liberal Heaven
Will you take the Covid Vaccination?
discussion Participate in the poll and see the answers of others.
in Jesus' Place
Pfizer, Moderna pledge vaccine boost
discussion Both are ramping up production to meet vaccination goals
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
666 666: Worship Our Forum "Divil"!
discussion Congratulations to our forum " Divil "! A jovial guy who is well on his way to his 666,666th post!
in The Irish Forum ( CS )
Enchanting sounds [poem]
discussion Only to be heard as birds sing with whelm
in Poetry Playpen
Oath Keeper renounces militia group
discussion She was charged in plotting the attack with other extremists
in *Your Mileage May Vary
Left is NOT 'liberal'
discussion They have become 'genuinely authoritarian'
in Right Side of History
Welcome our new designer Pom!
discussion Please check out her folder, there's a design there sure to suit everyone!
in For each Season a Classic Theme
US conducts air strikes in Syria
discussion The strikes were in retaliation for a rocket attack that killed civilians and injured an American.
in *Your Mileage May Vary
Meghan McCain: Fire Dr. Fauci
discussion Talk show host complains she hasn't gotten a vaccine shot, yet, & blames NIH head
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
Pandemic cuts U.S. life expectancy
discussion Another sad effect of the COVID pandemic, along with racial & ethnic disparities
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
Chicken and Spinach Casserole
discussion Use the supermarket staple of rotisserie chicken in this comforting casserole.
in *Wisteria Lane*
DeSantis vaccine clinic faces criticism
discussion FL Gov chose an affluent neighborhood for pop up vaccine clinic
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
Planning a spring break trip? Check for
discussion airlin changes, some are changing booking policies.
in The Virtual Traveler
AP Reporter Confronts Biden Spokesman
discussion Biden admin trying to take credit for Trump accomplishments gets schooled...
in Right Side of History
A Spiritual Look at Addiction
discussion Awareness is the first step in breaking the cycle.
in ~*~The Realm of Be*ing~*~
Creamy Grape Salad
discussion This refreshing cream cheese and grape salad is as delicious as it is easy to make.
in *Wisteria Lane*
Homemade Cornbread Mix
discussion This HOMEMADE CORNBREAD MIX costs just pennies and is even better!
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
Saint-Saens. Piano Concerto
discussion Malofeev gained international recognition at the 8th International Tchaikovsky Competition
in Poetry Playpen
GE not only makes locomotives but they
discussion also refurbished locomotives for railroads, see what goes into this massive job!
in Locomotives through history
Sante Fe RR had tugboats to barge their
discussion cars across the San Francisco Bay
in Locomotives through history
Bible Quiz
discussion Come test your knowledge and have fun doing it.
in Family Matters
Eye Round Roast n Instant Pot (Like Deli
discussion This is just like you would buy it at a deli. Try doing yourself. Your family will love it.
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
Migrant kids being reunited with parents
discussion Biden is reuniting the children forcibly taken from parents by the Trump administration
in *Your Mileage May Vary
Would You Go Back in Time?
discussion Come participate in a thought-provoking question, and see what others might say too.
in Family Matters
What Do They Know That We Don't
discussion Dozens of House Dems Ask Biden to Give Up Sole Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons
in Right Side of History
Hilary Clinton Writes with Louise Penny
discussion Hillary Clinton is set to co-write a mystery novel with well-known author Louise Penny
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
No way out of the pandemic?
discussion What the media wants you to know, identify with and obediently follow but it ain't so!
in Sundawncer's Jamboree
NY Cuomo under Federal Investigation
discussion See who in high places is calling for action against him because of deaths in the NY Nursing Home.
in Jesus' Place
"Punky Brewster" is back
discussion Punky is all grown up & a professional photographer in this Peacock reboot
in TV Chatter 2.0
FDA declares J & J vaccine safe
discussion A third approved vaccine should get final go ahead by CDC & available for shot clinics next week
in TV Chatter 2.0
Biden reveals Immigration Plan
discussion Plan would provide more humane treatment of immigrants plus path to citizenship
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
Raspberry Rolls n Air Fryer
discussion Raspberries and cream cheese make a wonderful filling! Easy peasy.
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
Yellow Penguin?
discussion See for yourself, nature does like to surprise us now and then.
in Nature Talk
discussion Can You Read This?
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
Peace, be still #2
discussion What are speaking? Life or death? What has all your attention? What kind of fruit are you producing?
in Sheepgate
Which Star Trek Books Are Canon?
discussion Star Trek books have been around for almost as long as the first TV series. But do any of them “count"?
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
Houston Chronicle to Ted: Resign
discussion after he flew w/family to Cancun in middle of TX power & water crisis & lied about it
in Liberal Heaven
A Loss to a Whole Society
discussion More than 500,000 Americans have died from COVID-19
in Liberal Heaven
Cancel Culture, GOP Style
discussion Oh the irony. CPAC slams Dem 'cancel culture;' then boots speaker for views & comments
in The First Amendment
Is It Time to Kill the Book Blurb?
discussion Are they of any value or mere relics that deserve to go?
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
"The Blacklist" honors Clark Middleton
discussion Writers devoted part of an episode to honor Glen aka "Jellybean" - the actor passed away in 2020
in TV Chatter 2.0
My Spiritual Journey back to Christ
discussion A winded post about how I bounced between spiritual paths and found my way to the Master Jesus.
in The Multiplex
Lucia DeClerck lived to 105
discussion surviving the coronavirus, she said, also may have had something to do with another staple
in Sundawncer's Jamboree
Irish Hot Cocoa
discussion If you love hot coffee with Irish cream & you love chocolate, then you are going to love this!
in *Wisteria Lane*
Mars Rover cameras capture descent
discussion Dramatic video of the Mars Perseverance descent to the surface of Mars.
in *Your Mileage May Vary
MTG mocks transgender Rep
discussion with an insulting sign outside her office. GA Rep is all about attention division, & chaos
in The First Amendment
Right around the corner!
webpage SPRING is and this is what we can look forward to!
in Nature Talk
Train in the snow
discussion Wonderful photos of a train crossing the Mississippi with snow all around
in Nature Talk
Violin Concerto (poem)
discussion During the violin music concerto, a pink face appeared so smoothly
in Sundawncer's Jamboree
Free EBooks - Where To Get Them
discussion Borrow ’em, keep ’em, send ’em to your Kindle
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
Blarney Stone Cookies
discussion This butter cookie, rolled in chopped peanuts before baking, resembles the Blarney Stone in Ireland.
in *Wisteria Lane*
What's the best replacement for CentOS?
discussion Which distro would be your choice?
in Linux Cafe
NCIS: Hawaii spinoff in the works
discussion Will you watch another NCIS show or give it a pass?
in TV Chatter 2.0
Come check out our recipes and sigs
discussion We are adding new sigs all the time to enhance our forum. You can eat while browsing!
in Family Sigs
Kim & Kanye call it quits
discussion Famous couple ended their show on E! and now ending their marriage> Let's hope the split is amicable
in TV Chatter 2.0
What is a spiritual marriage?
discussion Yogananda's suggestion to having and preserving a good marriage.
in ~*~The Realm of Be*ing~*~
Is self-indulgence wrong?
discussion Find out where self-indulgence causes.
in The Orthodox Christian Way
Chocolate Pudding n Individual Servings
discussion Chocolate is good any time! This is made n served in the same dish. Plus, it is soooo good.
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
March into spring
discussion and look FABULOUS!
in Nature Talk
Fight for Equal Justice
discussion Biden AG nominee Merrick Garland vows to fight discrimination & extremist attacks
in Liberal Heaven
Fred Wears A Face Mask
discussion Often sarcastic, outspoken, overtly prejudiced, and pretty darn nasty to his friends and family
in Poetry Playpen
Trump Lays Out How Ensure Election Integ
discussion We can't allow fraud to influence anymore elections.
in Right Side of History
Mitch McConnell isn't talking
discussion Senate Minority leader won't reply to Trump attacks; wont even speak to him
in Liberal Heaven
Purim and Passover
discussion Today is Purim (saving of Jews from annihilation)that leads to Passover. See more
in Jesus' Place
TX Lt. Gov. blames customers
discussion for high energy bills they received after power outage. Some bills were as high as $17k.
in The First Amendment
Overnight Maple Raisin Oatmeal
discussion Did you know you can use your slow cooker to have oatmeal ready when you wake up? Check this out!
in *Wisteria Lane*
Biden COVID package popular
discussion among Americans in red, blue & purple states. Why do GOP Reps oppose it?
in The First Amendment
Quit Smoking in March
discussion Join others who are quitting nicotine this month.
in About Smoking Cessation Forum
Lemon Garlic Parmesan Shrimp Pasta IP
discussion A creamy sauce made with garlic, lemon & parmesan cheese encomapsses thin spaghetti with shrimp.
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
Biden marks 500k COVID deaths
discussion Pres Biden remembered those who died, families who mourn & vowed not to forget
in The First Amendment
Greyhound Vegas lost it's lease at the
discussion Plaza in downtown Vegas and has moved.
in The Bus Forum
Chicago Most Corrupt City in America
discussion Chicago Ranked Most Corrupt City in America. Surprised?
in Right Side of History
NY prosecutor to get Trump taxes
discussion The Trump stacked Supreme Court is ordering Trump's tax returns to be given to NY prosecutors.
in *Your Mileage May Vary