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Oct. 19 Mystery Item
discussion It's dead useful and two hands can cover it. Can you see what the next mystery item is?
in Full Circle: A Pagan Forum
Happy Halloween!
discussion The fabulous photography makes this neighborhood's decorations really stand out!
in Nature Talk
"This is Us" trailer released
discussion Season 4 ended with a brutal fight between 2 brothers. Season 5 promises plenty of emotions
in TV Chatter 2.0
The Most Terrifying Books
discussion I love being scared ... don't you?
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
After the bloom
discussion Seeds can be just as, if not more amazing than their flowers
in Nature Talk
Hunter Biden attack lacks credibility
discussion Rudy Giuliani attempts at smearing Joe Biden backfired when no one would print the story.
in *Your Mileage May Vary
Queen Of Hearts Now Has Games
discussion We now have a room each for Trivia and one for Scramble. Come in and play with others or by yourself
in Queen Of Hearts
General Flynn Has a Message
discussion Stand with Me, Renounce the Left and Hold the Line on Nov. 3
in Right Side of History
No apricots?
discussion We can mull this around for a bit...
in Coffee Shop Gossip
Pumpkin Pancakes
discussion See Pumpkin Syrup Recipe to go with these delectable pancakes.
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
Supernatural Books For Halloween
discussion There’s just something about chills and thrills that feel perfectly suited for fall. Witches and hauntings and things that go bump in the night ....
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
#meToobin movement
discussion Should he be arrested for harassment? Was his mishap accidental?
in Opinion Polls: Delphi's Polling Place
Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme
discussion Across the world £2bn was spent on OneCoin tokens, including tens of millions British pounds
in Don Quixote's Village
Nobel Peace Prize
discussion Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for brokering UAE-Israel peace deal
in Don Quixote's Village
Do you compare yourself to others?
discussion You are a reflection of God. Free yourself from suffering by letting go of the ego/
in ~*~The Realm of Be*ing~*~
Trick or treats?
discussion How's the pre halloween candy purchases going? *pats belly* All good here!
in Coffee Shop Gossip
Hide Your Kindle SHAME
discussion I love e-readers! But maybe books are better. New covers to hide the e-reader looks like a book .
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
SW Airlines to start unblocking seats
discussion Southwest Airlines will start selling all seats on it's planes
in The Virtual Traveler
Dexter Revived on Showtime
discussion Some didn't like the series ending, but will you give it another look?
in TV Chatter 2.0
Catch the Christmas Spirit!
discussion In the mood for a little early Christmas spirit this weekend? Come and see what's happening!
in *Wisteria Lane*
Trump: I'll leave if I lose
discussion Do you believe him? If so, which country do you think Trump will move to?
in The First Amendment
Want a free promo?
discussion You are welcome to promote your forum discussions or events here
in Delphiforums News and Views
Joe and Hunter's Conflict of Interests
discussion If there's a conflict of interest, do you think the public has a right to know before voting?
in Right Side of History
Tucson mayor warns Trump campaign
discussion of COVID risk at upcoming rally. Will Trump comply with local restrictions?
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
MI Gov pushes back at Trump rhetoric
discussion Despite foiled militia attack against Whitmer, Trump continues to lead 'lock her up' chants
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
discussion After carving the pumpkin, simply roast the pumpkin seeds for a delicious fall snack.
in *Wisteria Lane*
Merry Christmas...
discussion movies! Netflix has 17 new holiday movies to help you binge the season away.
in Coffee Shop Gossip
Highway Signs
discussion what do you do when a highway sign tells you something ridiculous?
in Make Shorty Laff
COVID strikes rural Midwest
discussion Hospitals are struggling with the surge in infections
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
Come Back Home
discussion Come back to one of the coolest chat rooms on Delphi. Welcome home!
in Queen Of Hearts
CBS Fall premiere dates
discussion See when the new season of your favorite CBS prime time show is set to begin
in TV Chatter 2.0
Giuliani caught on hidden camera
discussion He was fooled by the "Borat" film makers.
in *Your Mileage May Vary
discussion What happens when Judges don't care about your vote.
in The Big Picture (Classic)
Scientific American
discussion Have never endorsed . . . till now.
in The Big Picture (Classic)
Caribbean Milk Cooler
discussion Chill out with this icy tropical pineapple and milk drink.
in *Wisteria Lane*
Are you a Christmas movie addict?
discussion The influx of holiday movies are about to start this weekend. Come discuss!
in Cable TV Shows (and Streaming!)
Autumn Trivia This Sunday
discussion Original questions about science, astronomy, music, movies, ect. with an Autumn theme. Join the fun.
in The Other Chatroom
LIVE! All the President's Tweets
discussion All the jibes, rants, exaggerations, accusations, and even the occasional thanks as he posts them.
in Our Lost Tribe!
Comet Pizza, 2020
discussion Hunter Biden laptop 'bombshell' is looking more & more like the conspiracy smear spread in 2016
in The First Amendment
Lara Trump mocks Biden stutter
discussion and calls it cognitive decline. CNN Host Jake Tapper wasn't having it
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
Americans Don't Like a Stacked Deck
discussion C-SPAN caller implies he's 'leaning' toward voting Trump over media ignoring Hunter Biden story
in Right Side of History
Pumpkin Mousse
discussion Light, airy dessert with that pumpkin flavor! Can be made vegan easily.
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
Fauci not surprised Trump got sick
discussion after the crowded, mask-less Rose Garden event
in Liberal Heaven
Autumn has arrived
discussion We have proof and it is in color!
in Nature Talk
Trump courts suburban women w/fear
discussion by saying a vote against him will lead to more crime & public housing
in Liberal Heaven
Read what a friend sent to me
discussion Seniors are more important than you think.
in Sheepgate
The Social Dilemma
discussion Social media uses algorithms to manipulate us. We are not the customer, we are the product.
in *Your Mileage May Vary
Horror Movie Trivia Oct 30
discussion 7pst 10est. Original questions written by the frightfully awesome geniuses of The Other Chatroom.
in The Other Chatroom
IMF Calling For A Currency RESET
discussion The IMF is seeking a new Bretton Woods in order to established debt and currency RESETS, THIS IS BIG
in Christian AAA Bible Study Forum
Autumn Beauties
discussion Ah... southern butterflies are a pleasure to look at for those of us in the north!
in Nature Talk
discussion A win now . . . but reflects what will happen with ACB.
in The Big Picture (Classic)
Pumpkin Bread Made With Applesauce
discussion A moist slice of bread, delicious with that cup of coffee or tea any time of the day.
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
Experts warn of small home gatherings
discussion The recent surge in virus infections across the US could get worse with the holidays approaching.
in *Your Mileage May Vary
Rudy G's Daughter - Vote Biden
discussion Couldn't hold back her disgust any longer.
in The Big Picture (Classic)
GM Expands Brake Recall on some trucks
discussion and SUV's, warning signs to look for before failure happens.
in Recalls
Who Won The Debate? Biden or Trump?
discussion I think Trump did much better than was expected, and that Biden did good, who won?
in Christian AAA Bible Study Forum
Can a Narcissist Change?
discussion The key to interacting with someone you suspect is narcissistic is to break the vicious circle...
in *Hearts That Hear* Health Support
Man Who Flipped on Hunter Fears For Life
discussion He's afraid of what the Biden family might be able to do.
in Right Side of History
Study:Remdesivir has little or no effect
discussion in preventing COVID deaths. Earlier study showed promising results
in The First Amendment
Voting For Biden Or Trump? Come Vote!
discussion Vote on our site and tell us why you are voting for Biden or Trump.
in Christian AAA Bible Study Forum
Horror Books Without The Horror
discussion These have a hint of eerie atmosphere or spooky characters without the monsters
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
Apparently looking for his car...
discussion this snake seems a bit lost!
in Nature Talk
Biden email episode risk to Trump
discussion FBI warns of Giuliani contacts w/foreign operatives & Russian disinfo campaign
in YDD-Yellow Dog Democrats
Flesh & Blood on PBS
discussion Are you watching this whodunnit? Come join the speculation.
in Prime Time Cafe
GOP caught with illegal ballot boxes
discussion The California GOP distributed illegal ballot boxes to collect ballots
in *Your Mileage May Vary
What is Social Anxiety?
discussion People with social anxiety disorder have a persistent, intense fear of being watched and judged.
in *Hearts That Hear* Health Support
Are you watching Coroner on CW?
discussion Come join the discussion. There's so much going on in Jenny's household!
in Prime Time Cafe
Our Fight
discussion What this election is about . . .
in The Big Picture (Classic)
How Stop to Twitter's Censorship
discussion Congress does not need to repeal Section 230 to do it.
in Right Side of History
Divas Adoptables
discussion Diva is offering a couple of adoptables one or twice a week. So come check them out
in Queen Of Hearts
30 interesting maps
discussion From populations to cities in a song's lyrics, there's a map for everyone!
in Coffee Shop Gossip
40ish and beyond chat is now open
discussion WE open the chat back up, come in and chat with us.
in 40ish and beyond
Pumpkin Bars
discussion Deliciously moist treat for you & your family!
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
Pumpkin Biscuits
discussion Serve warm from the oven slathered with butter. Guaranteed to get you into that pumpkin season.
in ~Boot's Instant Pot/Air Fryer Kitchen~
halloween superstitions
discussion these will spook you out..BOO!
in Butterfly Dreams
Book Shopping In The Dark
discussion Remember when you used to sneak a flashlight under covers so you could read a book after bedtime?
in Book Lovers Book Reviews
Pumpkin Pie Bars
discussion Just as delicious as traditional pumpkin pie, but much easier to make!
in *Wisteria Lane*
Dueling Town Halls
discussion Biden & Trump town halls on different networks showed a contrast in style & substance
in Liberal Heaven
How to Help CHildren After Trauma
discussion Structure during times of stress is very healing. Structure provides a sense of security. Read more.
in *Hearts That Hear* Health Support
Hunter Biden 'expose' falling apart
discussion NY Post journalists refused to allow their names to the byline of article banned by FB & Twitter
in Liberal Heaven
Covid-19 can live on objects for weeks
discussion But are surfaces dangerous? What have we learned in 7 months?
in Opinion Polls: Delphi's Polling Place
12 Tips for Flying in a Pandemic, advice
discussion to get through security checkpoints with few issues
in The Virtual Traveler