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  • Moms & Stepmoms Debating Everything

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    We are a group of (mostly) moms and stepmoms who love to debate. All are welcome here. 
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  • About to Crack

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    Join us for friendly chat about parenting, and life in general! Jump into a conversation any time. 
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  • Childcare & Beyond

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    This forum is in Read Only status but remains as a good source for teachers, caregiver and parents. 
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  • Genealogia Hesperitana

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    Neste Fórum pretendemos abordar questões nucleares à genealogia hesperitana i. e. cabo-verdiana, ajudar a procurar as nossas raízes em terras de Cabo Verde. Entre e participe! 
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  • NT Children of Asperger Parents

    Hosted by Pavlovspup

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    This is a forum for neuro-typical (NT) children of parents with Asperger's syndrome or autism to find healing and validation from others who have lived this very different childhood. 
  • Punkys Child Care Chat

    Katie (ecn8)
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    Katie (ecn8)

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    For parents and childcare professionals; Punky's Child Care Organization provides information on daycare options and resources for educating childcare professionals. Come join our community of people who care about children's needs and development. 
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  • Camp Kent Memories

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    Camp Kent is a former sleep-away camp located in Kent, CT that closed after the summer of 1982. It was attended primarily by 10-20 year olds from Long Island, many who first came as campers and then as waiters, cits or counselors. 
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  • Reactive Attachment Disorder

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    A support forum for people who are parenting and otherwise nurturing children who suffer from reactive attachment disorder (also known as RAD or detachment disorder), attachment issues, depression, or other emotional problems. While intended for parents, anyone with a sincere interest in attachment disorder or attachment therapy is welcome. This is a support forum, so no trolls, please. 
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  • ADD On Board

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    ADD On Board is a safe place where kids with Attention Deficit Disorder of all ages and forms can get together to share Stories, Poems and Jokes. They can talk to new friends, trade tips for dealing with a non-ADD world and parents can peek too! 
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  • Car Seats and More

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    The meeting place for all child passenger safety technicians, advocates or anyone intrested in finding out more about child passenger safety and how to keep our little ones safe in the car! 
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