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  • Legwear as a Unisex Fashion

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    Legwear as a Unisex Fashion 
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  • BiFemLounge

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    Our chatroom BiFemLounge is one of the longest running chatrooms on the Internet and is hosted on Delphi Forums. We are operated by and have over 274,000 registered members. We are a fun and friendly chatroom which is open 24 hours a day where everyone is always welcome. Our room operated on Talk City for many years until they closed in 2012 and were merged into Delphi Forums. 
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  • *~DreamWorld~*

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    Come join us to share your dreams,, your hopes,,, your heart,,, enjoy stimulating conversation with old friends,, meet new ones,, and just hang out! 
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  • BiFem Escape

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    BFE is THE BEST chatroom for Bi/Lesbian women and friends both male and female-indeed from any point on the spectrum of gender. ALL are welcome here! 
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  • The 1950's and 1960's

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    How would you like to be a kid again, and go back and re-live all those good times all over again??? Join us remembering the 50's and 60's! Let's get into our time machine, and take a trip back to those glorious times. Share with us your memories, and good times. Memories of the past are much fun to re-live, with others from other cities, and states, sharing their past experiences. 
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  • Extra! Extra!

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    Need a little "Extra" zing to spice up your posts?? You can find it here! Nothing but Extras and Snags!! 
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  • Bubbles&Boo

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    A safe and friendly place to gather to talk about our lives and our makeup. 
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  • The Local Hangout

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    Welcome to The Local Hangout! We welcome any and all Delphi members. However, you must be 18 years of age or older in order to participate in the chat room and/or the message boards. I will assign Managers and Ops, (Moderators), as I see fit. This forum is currently under construction, so please bear with me as I get it situated. I want everybody who's anybody to feel welcomed here. This will be a safe forum to come in, post and participate in the chat room. Myself, along with with my... [+]
  • The Rainbow Tribe: A CrossCultural Forum

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    This is the beloved community! We are here for those who truly have an interest in other cultures; trolling and race baiting will not be tolerated. Join us for honest, thoughtful discussion, education and friendship. Come home to the Rainbow Tribe! 
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  • All Pets Big and Small

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    ALL PETS BIG AND SMALL is a forum for people who love animals. Some people only want to own dogs or cats. Other people like a variety of pets. Let's talk about all pets in all places. Let's talk about our love of animals. 
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