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From: mariab2212/9/01 12:33 PM 
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I have an M.A. in languages and trade. I have alwasy enjoyed writing, that is academic writing, and editing. I am trying to get started as a freelancer, and I overwhelmed by the different kinds of writing there are out there. I quite don't know if I should market myself as an editor, or if I might possibly be good at other kinds of writing. Fiction is definitely out, it does not interest me.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate any input. Getting started is always the hardest.


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From: WONK12/9/01 4:51 PM 
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You can always try writing for local newspapers and magazines. This will give you the chance to try different types of writing and get your feet wet submitting articles.

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From: David O. Dyer, Sr. (DODYER)12/10/01 8:12 AM 
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I suggest that you steer clear of editing. I mean no disrespect, but there are at least six errors in your post. Writing technical articles for magazines and/or newspapers may be your best bet.



From: Jewlee12/10/01 4:27 PM 
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It is usually the practical/life experience a person has acquired, not the alphabet soup behind one's name, which makes the difference in the quality of the editor.

In all that you attempt, you will be judged by the way you write, from the cover letter, to the post, all will surmise your ability by what they read. Be extremely careful when presenting yourself, whatever form it may take.


From: lonelyauthor10/13/15 9:04 AM 
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Great advice.



From: WONK10/13/15 1:31 PM 
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Thank you.

There have been few posts in Eclectrics over the last few years.  Most of the old writing forums have closed or slowed so much there is little current info.  I like to keep my hand in the writing forums and with this place slowing down I decided to start my own Delphi forum -- Pulp Writing.  It gets few posts but since I own it I can focus of topics and things about writing that interest me and it serves as an outlet when I see something about writing that stirs me up.

I like forums.  They are less of a time suck than social sites such as Facebook and they are more interactive than blogs.

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From: lonelyauthor10/13/15 1:34 PM 
To: WONK  (7 of 7) 
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Thanks so much for the links.


I will visit your site immediately.




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