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Alright, so, since this looks like it's really happening, I'm going to push Gay Days Orlando, although I normally reserve that for my blog.

If you haven't been to a truly great Pride event, I truly encourage all of you to look into coming tom O-Town this year for Gay Days.  If you look at the One Mighty Party site, the ticket prices may seem steep but keep in mind that, technically, One Mighty Party and gay Days are two seperate things.  Gay Days Orlando (aka Gay Days at Disney) is one organization operated locally; One Mighty Party is run by a promoter who capitalizxes on the crowd.  I'm going to encourage you all to come but that you make the Donna event your only non-Gay Days at Disney thing.  There's a whole bunch of politics involved but your money impacts the local economy more (thus making a statement to three entities (city, county, and company) that are far more progressive than most people realize.

Gay Days brings over $100 million to the Orlando economy.  It was actually used as leverage during the civil rights protection ordinance when Orlando's city council was voting on non-discrimination last year.  One Mighty Party's impact does none of that.

In addition, while One Mighty Party gives a % (this year) to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, I know in the past that it's been basically a small percentage donated to charity (more of a Public Relations percentage) and that's been part of the problem with them as well. 

I assume that they've worked some of those concerns out, though, as their events are now listed on the official Gay Days website.  (They haven't been recognizxed as such in the past.)

Regardless, the point of the week is to have fun and to celebrate in an environment that is as exviting as it is empowering.  While it may sound silly to have us all descend on the theme parks, I can tell you, having been there from the first one back in 1990 and most thereafter, that this is an amazing event.  The organizers make it a point to hit all the marks, from parties to comedians, car shows, educational sessions covering your finances as a gay single or couple, gay-friendly religious ceremonies, gay weddings, etc.  Last year, I was actually a little overwhelmed by the sight of the thousands upon thousands of red shirts (gay guests are encouraged to wear red for visbility--I'll explain that later) when, at the conmclusion of the Magic Kingdom's 3pm parade, an incredible flow f red shirts followed the last parade float (from which Mickey Mouse rather animatedly waved, welcomed, and pointed to crowds of gay men and lesbians) down Main Street USA in a type of unofficial and inspiring gay pride parade.

In 1990, there were maybe 30 of us, tops.  In 2006, something in the vicinity of 130,000, if I recall the estimates correctly.

If you think you might be interested, the web site is lousy but the event is not.  Check out for a partial listing of what's coming this year.  (The web site is a poor impressionm but once you get here, it's all top notch.)

The main events are gay days at the Disney theme parks:  hursday at Animal Kingdom, Friday at Disney-MGM, Saturday the not-to-be-missed Gay Day at the Magic kingdom, and Sunday Gay Day at Epcot, but the events start a few days before and run for a week and, in a sense, the entire month.  But the first weekend in June is the time when everyone descends upon Orlando.  (Orlando Pride, a seperate event, now takes place in the fall due to the amount of money and time that goes into planning and putting on Gay Days as well as the need to ensure it receives it's own attention.)  If you've ever wished the world was gay, this is your chance to see what that world would look like.  If you sometimes think it would be a bitchy place--you'll be surprised.  I got seperated from my groupm lastv year and ended up just partying with others because everyone is so welcome and open and honestkly, their warmth taught me that  had formed a negative opinion about the members of my own community.

So, think about it.  It's always fun, inspiring, and, this year, it has Donna!





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From: KSULLIVAN16 DelphiPlus Member Icon4/30/07 11:19 PM 
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Sorry, posted too soon.  Some other pics from last year:



From: ckinstpete5/1/07 12:17 AM 
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I couldn't agree more!  Gay Days is a blast and One Might Party at MGM is the party of the year!  If you like to dance, drink and just have a great time in a smashing place like MGM Studios - then plan on visiting.  The fireworks at One Mighty Party alone are worth the ticket price - the show is the biggest they have all year and it's just for us - and having Donna in the forefront - WOW is all I can say!

Many people think "circuit" and that's all - it's really more than that!

As far as Donna - check out and choose the MGM Studios night on Saturday in Orlando.

I'm sure Donna knows what she is doing and for whom - I bet you she is actually thrilled and can't wait herself to make her entrance in front of so many truly adoring fans!  I spoke to someone with the promotion company and they said they are just about out of their skin with the excitement and buzz about her performing.  They are going to have a tough time next year outdoing this. 


From: SAL4uFla5/1/07 12:57 AM 
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Awesome news, Cant wait!!!  Who is going? ... we should get together?

Will Donna preform on Saturday night?




From: WinterMelody5/1/07 3:05 AM 
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WOO HOO! Thank-You, Donna (and whomever else helped) this is w o n d e r f u l news I am sooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



From: WinterMelody5/1/07 3:07 AM 
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I completely agree with your proposed set-list, with one caveat--she should close with LTLYB!




From: powerpjp5/1/07 1:30 AM 
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i am overwelmed with all this information, when will donna performed and what night and how much will cost. second where does one stay and what is the best night to go out and what day is gay at disneyworld.




From: kdavid135/1/07 9:27 AM 
To: WinterMelody  (19 of 119) 
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Talk about going full circle.

Donna in front of a sea of adoring gay men ; moaning with her during LTLYB !!!





From: KSULLIVAN16 DelphiPlus Member Icon5/1/07 9:39 AM 
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Technically, there are Gay Days events (such as a cruise and some Memorial Day-related parties starting on May 26th, but here's the Gay Days events I recommend:

Official Kick-Off:  Tuesday May29th at Orlando Science Center-Ciocktails Under the Cosmos (Great drinks, great crowd, lame auction, great entertainment, speeches from both the Orlando Mayor and a City Commissioner, $25 ticket benefits Be Real, a local organization that addresses issues of concern to GLBT youth and their families)

Wednesday, May 30th:  TBA  (Most people go to Universal this day; for whatever reason, even though Universal has recruited the gay dollar, they have not been an official destination the past two years.  I can't say why, but looking at the agenda, one can figure out what goes on behind the scenes.)

Thursday, May 31st:  Gay Day at Disney's Animal Kingdom from 9am -6pm.  Also, check out the official Gay Days Expo at the Hotel Royal Plaza on Hotel Plaza Boulevard in Downtown Disney.  Participants last year included Macy's, 2xist, Virgin Megastores, Bloomingdale's, Metropolitan Community Church, and other gay-friendly businesses offering special deals, tons of freebies, and plenty of eye candy.  Oh-and booze.  Right next door, in the hotels' courtyard, is a car expo (this year's looks like it's just Satyrn but last year it was race cars, some antique cars, and so on.)

Thursday Night:  Many options based on your own preference, from the Gay Days commitment ceremonies to Nelly Furtado to Junior vasquez and so on.

Friday, June 1st: Gay Day at Disney-MGM Studios 9am-midnight.  (In addition to Gay Days, this is also a Star Wars weekend so gay sci-fi geeks have a total head rush this day.)  Inaddition, the stages for One Mighty Party will be installed on this day so you can plan your best Donna viewing position ahead of time.  (She'll likely be performing on the stage that wiull be placed in front of the Sorcer Hat icon.)

Saturday, June 2nd:  Gay Day at Magic Kingdom (All Day)  Be sure to stake out a spot on the parade route early somehwere from main Street to Cinderella's Castle fir the 3pm parade.  Crowd seems thin first thing in the morning but if you're going for some quick lines, it's best to miss a little sleep and show up early.  By afternoon, you'll be in very long lines--but with very good looking men.

Saturday Night:  One Mighty Party w/Kathy Griffin & Donna Summer.  Party starts at 8:30 with Kathy Griffin.  Donna's time TBA but likely around 11pm or midnight.  Last year, I think Gloria Gaynor hit the stage around 12.  Tickets cost $85 for the Saturday night event--and get them early.

Sunday, June 3rd:  Gay Day at Epcot

As for where to stay, the official Gay Day hotel for men is the Hotel Royal Plaza which is located right inside Downtown Disney on Hotel Plaza Boulevard but there are numerous hotels within walking distance, all within Downtown Disney area (The Hilton, The Grosvenor, Best Western, and so on).  If not staying at any of these hotels, you might want to consider two things: staying on Disney property (as that ensures you can get around using the Disney Guest bus system) or renting a car.  WDW is a huge place and aside from the Downtown Disney area, it's not a place you traverse on foot.  Each portion of the property is relatively far from the other--particularly in the June Orlando heat.  I recommend staying at either the Hotrel Royal Plaza or one of the other hotels in the immediate vicinity; stay too far away and you won't feel part of it all.  (Some of the official Gay Day hotels are located off Disney property and while hotels such as Gaylord Palms are great hotels, the experience just isn;t the same.  Stay there some other time.)

The Donna event is $85 in advance.  Theme park tickets I don't know about; I get in free but I think they average about $60 per adult, per day, with the rate lowering slightly with multi-day tickets.

Shopping at Downtown Disney is a msut for Disney memorabilia, including the Disney-authorized rainbow Mickey Mouse head pin (found at World of Disney and Disney's Pin Traders).  Non-Disney shopping is best at the Mall at Millenia and the best designer outlet shopping at Premium Outlets Mall.

And gifts for me may be dropped off at my house.







From: KSULLIVAN16 DelphiPlus Member Icon5/1/07 9:58 AM 
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Some other tips:

1.)  Fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO).  there's a second Orlando-area airport but it is NOT in Orlando and it is NOT an inexpensive cab ride to WDW.  If your travel agent or airline tries to sell you on flying into Orlando-Sanford Airport, tell them, with cheeks dimpled, to go to Hell.  Only fly into Orlando international.

2.)  Follow this link to the official Gay Days hotel information: and this one to the page of other offical hotels:  (Of the "co-Host" hotels, for convenience sake, nearness to the action, quality of rooms and ammenities, consider me your Zagat Guide:  The Hilton and The Grosvenor are both within walking, drinking, and stumbling distance from the Hotel Royal Plaza and the Lake Buena Vista hotel (a low-cost alternative) is directly acioss the street.  HOWEVER, if the Gay day events don't interest you and you're moree into the park days and so on, you may want to stay at a Disney resort such as the Contemporary, the Grand Floridian, or Port Orleans.  To check out room availability and rates for Disney hotels, check out

3.)  If you plan on seeing any of the shows at Parliament House, you'll need either a rental car or cab fare.  Downtown Orlando and the gayborhoods are located about twenty miles north of Disney.

4.)  Once outside the parks, if you're looking for great restaurants, I recommend Restaurant Row located in the Dr. Phillips neighborhood just north of Disney on Sand Lake Road in Orlando.

Your Gay Days Guide





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