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From: OrdinaryDiva DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host7/29/07 7:30 PM 
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Okay this time I'm trying MegaUpload, and I'm back to the original 2 files.


Part 2

You might have to be patient with the way MegaUpload manages the bandwidth, but hopefully these will last longer than a couple hours.


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From: SunnyShowers7/29/07 9:10 PM 
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Thanks Cathy! I really really enjoyed the interview and program. Donna's religious insight was inspiring, and so much great trivia. Nice to hear her discuss the one take MacArthur Park story.

I wish they had discussed The Wanderer and the recording of it.

She's in a remarkable place in her life, and she's already talking about the record after the upcoming one........WOW.


From: peperamico7/29/07 11:58 PM 
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I have listened all the radio show recording, but... I know you have been working a lot for us... will you please translate it for me to the spanish? (I`m kidding)

Thanks again!


From: WinterMelody7/30/07 3:24 AM 
To: OrdinaryDiva DelphiPlus Member Icon  (63 of 89) 
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Dear Cathy,

Thank you so much!  This is wonderful! =)



From: spunky20287/30/07 5:32 AM 
To: OrdinaryDiva DelphiPlus Member Icon  (64 of 89) 
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Thanks for taking the time and effort to share these.I can feel my evcitement begin ti rise again.

From: CarlosBrazil7/30/07 7:51 AM 
To: SandroCS DelphiPlus Member Icon  (65 of 89) 
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Sandro, I am with you.
To be a christian is not to follow a religion. To be a christian is to believe that Christ existed and admire his ideas.
Religion is just a way that some men use to get money from people in the name of God.

From: CarlosBrazil7/30/07 7:53 AM 
To: OrdinaryDiva DelphiPlus Member Icon  (66 of 89) 
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Thank you VERY much Cathy!

From: CarlosBrazil7/30/07 7:56 AM 
To: Guest unread  (67 of 89) 
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Thanks Don!
Even some brazilians followed the interview!

From: V16TROLA DelphiPlus Member Icon7/30/07 8:34 AM 
To: CarlosBrazil unread  (68 of 89) 
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I agree with THAT!!!!!!  i have my own personal faith and whilst i do go to church, it doesn't have that much to do with my own faith.



From: muziciskey7/30/07 10:04 AM 
To: OrdinaryDiva DelphiPlus Member Icon  (69 of 89) 
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Thank you Cathy for taking the time to put together the files.   I listened to the "lite" version.   I enjoyed it.   I did get a chuckle when Donna was talking about her new cd that she was already talking about the one after.    Earth to Donna ,WE want this current one to come out SOON.  We can worry about the NEXT one after the first release on Burgandy.

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