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From: bluedogrock2/4/09 10:26 PM 
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Video stars wanted!

Hi Donna lovers. Some of you may know that I have a song "(I'm in love with) Donna Summer" available now at iTunes, amazon, napster etc. If not then now you do (It's under the artist name Andrew Johnson). I'm looking to make a cheap video for the song and thought a bunch of people that love Donna Summer, dancing and displaying their feelings (nothing too rude!) would be perfect. Anyone wanting to get involved can reply to me to this and I'll give you my contact details. I'm basically after video footage of people dancing (to the track if possible but not necessarily) and having a good time and well, whatever...surprise me! I can't pay because I'm skint but I'll give you credits at the end of the video if I use your clip.


Toodle pip!


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From: donnafan652/4/09 10:53 PM 
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From: IGYL2/6/09 10:12 PM 
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OK- as long as there is no nudity or sex involved...unless it is integral to the plot.  Lol.

Seriously though, hit me up at IGYL@Live.com and I will be glad to participate.  After all, it is for a good cause- DONNA SUMMER!


From: bluedogrock2/7/09 5:05 AM 
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Hi there. Thanks for replying and showing an interest. I'm basically asking that people film themselves dancing (or whatever but as you predicted no sex or nudity or we'll never get it live!)and that they send a clip to bluedogrock@hotmail.com . AVI would be the preferred format but I can convert most others. If the file's too big then I could retrieve it from sendthisfile.com or similar.

Also send the name you'd like crediting and a location (I may edit it with the names flashing over each clip if that's okay so  people know who's who. Let me know if you object to this and I won't.




if you need to hear the track it's at www.myspace.com/andyjohnsonshoebox or you can buy it at iTunes / amazon / napster. There are some dance remixes going live soon too!





looking forward to viewing.


From: Fairy_Tail DelphiPlus Member Icon2/7/09 5:32 AM 
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I like this song. Got mine at iTunes. Remixes will be fun. Is Donna aware?

Your Superbullet Number One,




From: bluedogrock2/7/09 6:06 AM 
To: Fairy_Tail DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 6) 
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Hi Shawn, I have no idea if Donna is aware. I'm sure if we all keep pushing it she will be  eventually (or the record label will be if they are switched on) . Wouldn't it be great to get her involved in the video?!! I did have an idea for a video where I was stalking her but it turned out not to be her (if you get me?). Might still put some elements of that in. Not sure what she'd make of the stalking element though!

Glad you liked the song. I'll post when the remixes are up. They're mostly dance mixes and I'm pretty pleased with them


All the best




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