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From: SunnyShowers11/7/17 3:57 PM 
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I spent a week researching Donna Summer interviews throughout her career. Other than, for whatever reason, she often makes one recoil in horror at some of her comments LOL, it was very educational. For instance, I learned that she was not pleased with the Donna Summer album with Quincy Jones, mostly because, according to her, she was surprised that so few of their collaborative recordings were included on the final track list. So, that means there were numerous other songs that they recorded NOT included on the album. Also, she mentions that prior to recording, she and Quincy recorded demos at her home to see if they would work well together. This finally explains the origin of that Quincy-esque demo, Walk Hand in Hand, that has been floating around for awhile. 

Another interesting tidbit that I discovered was that Geffen did NOT pass on She Works Hard for the Money. The terms of the lawsuit settlement demanded that she would record (with Polygram's money) an album for them to release. This explains why Geffen didn't just give them I'm a Rainbow. Geffen paid over $400,000 for those recording sessions, but the Polygram agreement meant that they would pay for the recording of the new album specifically for their label!

Also, the summer 1981 tour was suppose to be the tour to promote I'm a Rainbow, but since Geffen shelved it, it became a very late promotion for The Wanderer, which had at that point, long fallen off the charts. 

Finally, reading over a decades worth of interviews with Donna, she was her own worst enemy in those days. The things that she talked about were such a turn off. She seemed to have a knack for saying the worst things possible for promoting to her fans. In 1978, in one interview, she went off on a tirade against the feminist movement, and in the 1980's, the majority of her interviews were mostly about Jesus and the morality of choosing songs! 

I saved all the interviews, so I can figure out a way to share with others if anyone is interested!

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From: Balducci11/8/17 1:52 AM 
To: SunnyShowers  (2 of 8) 
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I always go to Donna Tribute for interviews.  Are there other websites with old Donna interviews?   I'd love to read them.


From: SunnyShowers11/8/17 10:08 AM 
To: Balducci  (3 of 8) 
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I am a member of newspapers.com, which has millions of archived newspapers going back hundreds of years. I actually downloaded each interview as it appeared in papers across the country. I found both album reviews and interviews with Donna promoting each release. Donna was definitely popular and well respected during the late 1970's and throughout the 1980's, and received top national coverage. 

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From: Balducci11/11/17 4:57 AM 
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That's an amazing resource.  And the six month subscription isn't a bad rate!

Thank you for the link.


From: SunnyShowers11/11/17 7:39 PM 
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Here are a few tips. The newspapers.com search engine can be vague, so search for, as example, "1981 Donna Summer" or "Cat's Without Claws Donna Summer". You will soon see that the common practice in the industry back then was to syndicate interviews and record reviews, so there can be a lot of duplication. Some of the duplicates are actually longer, as some papers would edit down for space purposes. 


Also, download PDF versions. The jpg versions don't enlarge clearly, but the pdf's enlarge beautifully.

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From: HotStiff6311/12/17 7:59 AM 
To: SunnyShowers  (6 of 8) 
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I have to say I wholeheartedly agree! Even when interviewed in 'Rolling Stone' she came across as cold and thankless. The truth is, she was embittered about her rise to fame and the sex goddess image she so carefully helped to create. It became bigger than her, no matter how hard she tried to hide, deny and refuse to accept ANY responsibility for it. I laugh when I see interviews where she rambles on about 'Love To Love You Baby' being a fluke, saying that it was a 'demo' and that she didn't intend to sing it. What a load of old baloney! She never used to say that, back in the day. She wanted a bigger hit than those she had scored with 'Lady Of The Night' and 'The Hostage'. She knew exactly what she was doing when she went into that recording booth, and we all know that. If it was such a fluke, if it WAS such a mistake, why did she continue to go into that recording booth and record 'Je T'aime', 'Summer Fever', 'Try Me', 'Come With Me, 'Take Me', 'If You Got It Flaunt It', 'Bad Girls', 'Dim All The Lights' and 'Down Deep Inside'????? She grunted and groaned her way through several songs over several years. 'Love To Love You Baby' was not a stand-alone sexy hit song!!!


From: selectedcut11/12/17 9:10 AM 
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l am mostly agreed with what is said here but i think Donna was completly manipulated by Bogart even Giorgio himself when they saw the potencial the money they could do on her and that Sexy Baby idoll image.

Propobably being in Europe strugelling for success when your a black woman in Europe at that time wasnt that easy

Back in those days she knew what she was doing yes but again when you are 20 and someone said "stay cool we deal with the story" it is very easy to be embarked in something you dont really want to do

You do it because you need to pay your rent. I do believe that Donna was a very courageous woman who left family and friends to go to a foreign country to try to do what she want it to do be an artist i dont think she imagined that the artist position can be twin with fame and that fame is hell because you loose your privacy and you are surrounded by toons of people saying that you are the best in fact you loose you total life to be on a parallele dimension where everything is fake.

She was srong enough to make those choices when she could do it i mean decide to go rock mostly right after Live and more for example was a hell of risk and she did no matter what people will say because it was her choice she could it and probably she was right bad luck for us she is gone now but to tell you the thruth i was a bit fed up with her catalogue and her concerts it was always the same....little surprises sometimes like pearls or night in white satin, i really do believe that she shoud have done with bruce what amanda is doing with johnny swimm doimg what they want to do their own way when they want.

So yes Donna made certain mistakes because she was human and its heatly to do it she prooved everyone she was in peace with her past doing LTLYB on her last tour because finally there was nothing to be ashamed it is just a fucking great love song with a very good vibe

I miss her everyday and repect evry choices she did ahe was a strong woman who fight for respect and freedom no matter what.


From: V16TROLA DelphiPlus Member Icon11/13/17 12:17 PM 
To: SunnyShowers  (8 of 8) 
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Thank you for that - the part about IAR and SWHFTM was the most interesting for me.  It makes perfect sense that Polygram demanded and paid for her to record a new album for them... 


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