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A couple of questions   Discussions

Started 11/21/17 by kseesar1; 1982 views.

From: kseesar1


Hey Guys,

I have a couple of questions before I take the plunge:

1) Are the players rated for injuries? and, 

2) Is there any discussion of producing an all-time great players set in the future?

The game looks pretty cool.  I'm very impressed with what I'm reading.


Windsor Greg (thomvan)

From: Windsor Greg (thomvan)


There are injuries on the rare play boards, the 54 Chart, but players are not rated for them.  I leave it to the individual game player to follow their heart.

However, if you want to use a generic injury system, here's one I've employed in the past with other games:

Whenever you roll 56 during the players 1st at bat in a game, he will play the rest of the current game, but have to rest or be out the following number of games based on his Games Played during the season:

If his GP is:

158-162 he misses 1 game

153-157 he misses 2 games

148-152 he misses 3 games

143-147 he misses 5 games

138-142 he misses 6 games

133-137 he misses 8 games

128-132 he misses 10 games

123-127 he misses 11 games

118-122 he misses 13 games

113-117 he misses 15 games

108-112 he misses 17 games

Less than 108 GP he misses 20 games.




Windsor Greg (thomvan)

From: Windsor Greg (thomvan)


As far as the great players set, I will do it, but I just can't decide on a system yet.  Career stats?  Best 7 years consecutive?  Which players?  Team based?  Hall of Fame? (and gamblers and 'Roiders)


From: bogert53


A few thoughts on great players, for what it's worth.  I think offering sets like that are a great way for a gamer to take an initial plunge into a new game.  One idea would be to release the top 100-120 players from each decade - based either on their stats during that decade or their career stats - in the form of two AL and two NL teams.  Speaking as someone whose gaming funds are a bit tight, I'd love to have the opportunity to spend $20-$25 on 8 teams and see how I like both the game and the components and then invest in seasons if I want to go further.  

Personally I'd rather see a selection of great players than a selection of great teams.  When you have great teams there is always the chance that one player is found on more than one team, and besides, most other companies have done that.  The only companies that I recall offering great player sets are Strat-O-Matic and Payoff Pitch with Hall of Fame players and Strat's two sets of significant players that aren't in the Hall.  




From: JoeRunde


There are a couple of great World Series sets already available. You know, Fall Classic's Fall Classics. <g>

Okay, it's corny, but it's late and I'm punchy.


From: bogert53


Haha.  I realize Greg has produced a ton of seasons already and the World Series teams.  I was responding to the question about a set of great players.  World Series teams do that to some degree.



From: phillyphils


For what it's worth, I'd buy any more World Series sets that are made.  Would love to do a 64 or even a 128 team tournament with WS teams...

That day is approaching.  I now have 32 seasons done and could do a 64 team set.  Black Friday Sale PDF!  $32.  Paypal: ... Today only!


The Fall Classic Website says 29 seasons done, but the PDF's for 1934, 1973, and 1978 are now ready and will go up on ASG in a few days, which brings us to 32 seasons and 64 teams.


From: bogert53


Could you clarify what's on sale for $32??  

  • Edited November 24, 2017 10:28 am  by  bogert53

Today only.  $32.  64 World Series teams for all the seasons that have been completed.  You get 64 World Series teams.  $1 per World Series, but you have to buy the whole 32.

PDF only.  This will not be offered in print, neither today, and maybe never.