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Newbie game play question   Discussions

Started 11/24/17 by Steve Brandon (WHEATGERM); 570 views.

Attempting to play my first FC game, with sample teams and using the FACs online to try a few innings. Naturally, the very second batter brings up a question.

It’s 2016 Cubs vs. Indians. Fowler is hit by a pitch to lead things off in Game 1. Then I get a 53 for Bryant. The FAC card says it’s a CF DOUBLE **+.

But don't 53 results depend on the error rating of the fielder?

Hope this question makes sense!


    Play result "53" are dependent upon the Range Rating of the fielder (in this case the CF). If he does not get to the ball because of his range, it is a resulting Double.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Pete S.


Oh, right, I meant range rating ... so it's not automatically a double -- I would check a D20 FAC and see if it's lower than or equal to his range rating?

A D20 dice roll of lower than or equal to the range rating of the CF he gets to the ball and makes the play, otherwise it is a Double

                                                                                                                                                                                        Pete S.


OK, that makes sense, thank! Rizzo now up to bat.

"Rain Delay" is over..."Play Ball"

                                             Pete S.


From: curtalva


I can see how going straight to the abbreviated results from the FAC deck when NEW to the game may raise questions. I would recommend not using the FAC deck until you have a basic understanding of the game charts that are being abbreviated on the FAC.


From: Ganguy


Good observation. Even now, after many games, when I use the FAC's, my instructions/charts notebook is always within arm's reach.

In reply toRe: msg 8

I have all the charts and have read through the rules a few times and done some sample at-bats ... just was wondering whether the FACs for some reason had results that overrode the rules like to check fielder ratings, or if the checks just aren't noted on the FACs. 


From: Ganguy


No, they do not override the rules. Sometimes the abbreviations on the FAC's might not be 100% clear to me, so I keep the original charts that give full explanations of the results close by.

Eventually I will have all of the abbreviations memorized.