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Be welcome to the Fibromayalgia suport forum, please join us, ask questions, share information, and let your voice be heard :)

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Hello and Welcome, my name is Esta.

Within you will find information on, and about the condition known as, Fibromyalgia.

This site is for those who have Fibromyalgia, as a means of information learning, and sharing, do join the forum and share with us. :) As well as information, for those who don't have FM, as a means to learn more about it.

You will find this forum a bit different from most sites you might find out on the Web, for the simple reason, save for bits quoted from researchers, every single piece of it, was written by a person with Fibromyalgia.

So what you are about to read, is the facts, figures and up to date information, but also you will be able to read about life with FM, our thoughts on treatments, medical care and more ... from our perspective.

Contained within, are tips and self help, for those with the disorder. As well as information for relatives, friends, and care givers.

The information in this forum is not intended to be medical advice, or as a means for diagnosis, you use any/all data, or suggestions, at your own risk.

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