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Fun Time   As We Like It

Started Apr-19 by Robert H (Hokie67); 102 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


OK - it's Bocce Ball time in Chestertown! We were invited to join the Bocce Buster team and last night was our first match against the Incrediballs team. And alas, we lost. But there was a great effort. As rookies we had our ups and downs. 

In any case, twenty-two teams engaged in mostly friendly games. There is rumored to be a couple of teams who are very, very serious about the winning and losing part of the competition.

In any case, our match was a ton of fun... as the incrediballs enjoyed their beverages and snack during the match while we waited till afterwards. It was noted that the Mayor was engaged in taking photos and roaming the circuit. It was a great evening to be on the shores of the Chester.


From: flaws72


At the last BOE meeting the Fellowship of Christian Athletes led by Dennis Walters (also of the Athletic Boosters) requested approval from the BOE to install a bocce court next to the tennis courts at KCHS. They have already raised the funds needed and CRYCC shared their bocce court construction design with them. Currently the KCHS bocce team has been practicing on the grass and indoors.  I reached out to some bocce friends in Chestertown and a few emails later I was delighted to receive an email from Frank Hurst, commissioner for the local league, extending the leagues interest in supporting the KCHS bocce team.

If you are not on the Chestertown bocce league you may not know that along with being fierce competitors league members are also generous supporters of our community. Did you know that they are providing volunteers to coach and assist the bocce teams of the Special Olympics at Washington College?

Thank you and the other members for all you do!

{insert bocce "cheer" here - wish I knew one!}

Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


insert bocce "cheer" here - wish I knew one!>>>>

I don't know many yet, but my favorite is "Drink, drink, drink!!!". Can't wait till May.

Just kidding of course. :-)

Bocce is like Pickle Ball as it's growing everywhere. Too bad the old roller rink in Worton is a wreck. It'd be a great place to have year round Bocce. Note: Linda scored more points than I did at Thursday's match.