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Now Hiring   Economics, Finance & Investing

Started 5/3/19 by Robert H (Hokie67); 60 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


How many places have you seen a sign like this around Chestertown and the CofK? So... if there are all these businesses in need of help, then where are the workers?

Unfortunately, there are folks who seem to think that having an unemployment rate at a practical zero, reflects a successful local economy. Yeah, it's better than having a 20% unemployment rate amongst the real work force. 

My Def - real work force - skilled or unskilled workers who can pass a drug test and show up for work every day.

Another unfortunate truth is that our problem has manifested itself over several years... and maybe even a decade+. Ergo, there's no quick fix.

And... we're living with the results of having such a weak work force inventory... crippling expansion and the attraction of new businesses. Where are they gonna get the workers? I know it's bad, when I get offered a part-time job as an office manager, because the business can't find anyone on a permanent basis. And $52,000 annual salary is not a low hourly wage job. And yeah, this goes beyond tax credits, special zones, etc. As for a new business enterprise, it is well beyond whether our demo's will support their business. If it's a business that can sell it's services online, then the problem quickly segues to the work force issue.

Maybe it's time to declare a crisis and forget about whether these sought after workers will live here or in QAC or Delaware?