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Economic Canaries   Economics, Finance & Investing

Started 5/9/19 by Robert H (Hokie67); 67 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


We need $$$'s... pumped into our economy. In some rural places, actually in most, the goal is to just maintain the economic status quo and not sink towards oblivion. The CofK is different. How so?

Well, the county has invested a lot of money into the fiber initiative... with more to come. Plus... the initiative has opened lots of economic doors. NOW... we have to monetize them through commercial development. It's easy enough to live with the fact that these step up in communications is just expanding a utility as part of our modernization. That's not enough to keep us ahead of the economic curve.

We've got a public school system that offers a superior curriculum from pre-K through 12. It's about time that everyone pulls together and quit with the backchecking and nitpicking. Yeah, there are personal anecdotes that are the unpleasantries of modern day society. But... let's use those as opportunities to improve the breed.

We've got an overwhelming good fortune vested in our culture... from A to Z.

Our biggest hurdle... and it's one that crosses our social boundaries... the insidious effects of low income. This isn't a euphemism. It's hard cold fact. And it infects our white citizens as much as it does our African-Americans or Latino citizens. It takes a united effort in education and economics to break this chain... one link at a time. And all of these are our canaries in the economic mine.


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Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


a public school system >>>>

Here's the first canary... and this may be the last gasp to get on the path of superior funding. The CC's have got to come to grips with both the current and future funding and, even more important, come to an agreement on the future school configuration.

opened lots of economic doors. NOW... we have to monetize them through commercial development.>>>> 

The second canary... county revenue sources. The future looks bright, BUT it's hard to spend future $$$'s until they're in the bank. It's probable that the CC's will have to borrow to fund the current capital expense needs. Not bad, but it puts stress on the future budgets because it will become a recurring expense.

Yeah, some cows have to come home to roost to keep the canary alive.