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Started May-22 by Robert H (Hokie67); 74 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


I was suffering a little jet lag at yesterday's 3:00 pm budget session... and was expecting the Nth round of the war of words and baloney to continue... in addition to kicking some more cans down the road. What I saw and heard were two new CC's asking more and more right questions... in a different sort of way... an unexpected way. And that segued into a rational dialogue between Couch, EdD, Joe Goetz, who gets it, and the CC's. There were some clarifications needed on both sides... and some definitions redefined into a common language, but the stage was set for the main event to follow at the evening session. Note: early on I wrote a note to myself: Visioning a Commitment to Mediocrity for Fiscal Sustainability

I spent the break hour imagining the insidious effects that Mediocrity would have on the CofK:

    1. Less attractive as a work place, especially for teachers.

    2. Less likely that workers would choose to live here where their job is.

    3. Higher job turnover as workers use CofK as a launching pad towards employment greener pastures.

    4. Worst of all... we were creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

But alas to the good side, something happened during the break. All of a sudden the CC's and Couch, EdD and Joe Goetz were talking the same language. While there was a little confusion on everyone's part as to exactly where Fithian was coming from on the Millington e-school, it was a necessary process... and one that was finally resolved to everyone's approval... as the CC's approved 3-0 to take over the deed and the maintenance of the vacant building. There was alos some chatter about ways to close the gap... and what future debt service might look like under some different scenarios.

I left early as my body was lagging even though my spirit was high.

This is why I go to these meetings. I felt good sipping on my martini rather than drowning in it. :-)