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What's Next?   Citizens Discussion

Started May-23 by Robert H (Hokie67); 83 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


... for the County of Kent within the Province of Maryland??? I've only been back from the Dakotas for three days and have been asked this four or five times. It's an easy answer:

IF I knew what was next, I'd be sitting on the stage at the CC meetings every Tuesday Night.

I think, based on the metrics, the numbers, the stats, the demographics, etc. that the CofK is staring at some dark stormy clouds with a nasty storm coming our way from just over the horizon. I also believe that people, ordinary and extra-ordinary, can do extraordinary things. And... it's that part of our community that I'm betting my hope on. 

I believe that this is the last budget where there is still some $$$ blood to be squeezed out of our economic turnip. It's time to monetize all these positive activities we have in the hopper. It's a mistake to confuse activities with results.  We some results. Some wins that start bringing $$$ into our public accounts.

But... maybe our fate is just to be another small rural community that struggles every year to keep its head above water. That's better than drowning and becoming another ghost.        

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Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


Yeah, there's always my plan to go the Howard County way. Unfortunately that takes some huge political wills to deposit parochialism and provincialism and plan ten to twenty years in the future. The discussion Tuesday night was a start with the schools, but there has to be a start to open and honest discussions amongst the towns and county. We're trying to build a modern model on an old outdated structure. Ask General Motors how that worked.  

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Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


Maybe the answer lies within NGO... NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS. We've got so many well-meaning people contributing so much to our community that maybe our goal should be to just have the well-meaning local gubmints just 'do no harm'. I think our six (the five towns plus the county) local gubmint entities are in financial pickles... and the barrel keeps getting deeper and deeper. It appears that Rock Hall has at least fixed the center ring of it's political circus.

Keeping my top three campaign planks on the table... 1) schools; 2) land/farm preservation; 3) Chestertown... we've got to collectively accept the 'problems' associated with each at the same time 'defend the faith' and integrity of each. And 'accepting' the problems means acknowledging what they really are... and fix the ones we can fix.

1) The schools - it doesn't matter whether we have 1,500 kids or 3,000 kids enrolled in our public schools, each everyone deserve our best effort. This is not a segment of community to accept mediocrity. Yeah, money doesn't cure all of education's evils, but paying for what we're asking the public schools to cure our societal ills does cost $$$'s. 

2) Our farms - yeah, the state of Maryland has grandfathered some things that hits the CofK with a double whammy. We're paying a price for our commitment to land preservation... by 'selling' the developmental rights to some valuable land. This is our legacy to the generations to come. There is a price to pay for this. 

3) Chestertown - the straw that stirs our slice of paradise. Accept it. And that means that the citizens of Chestertown have to accept their responsibility to establish a sustainable governance... not a yearly crisis management exercise. The blame game from the C'town electeds need to be re-focused on their contribution to this dilemma... with some open and honest discussions with their citizens and the county gubmint. See the CC-BOE powwow last Tuesday as a starting point.

I'm feeling good that each and every Truism is there for the taking... and a packing list for our NorthBound train.