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B Day Landing   Local Government

Started Jun-2 by Robert H (Hokie67); 109 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


Yeah, Tuesday at 400 High Street at sometime shortly after 6:00 PM, the County of Kent County Commissioners (actually, my personal treasurer, Pat Merrit) will present the '19-'20 budget at a public hearing. OK - this is where the public has the opportunity for the CC's to hear what they think of the proposed budget.

There usually are quite a few folks who are nice enough to 'thank' the CC's for the financial support.

There may actually be some folks who offer some suggestions on changing some aspect of the budget towards a more favorable outlook for their pet. There also may be some folks who might object to the 12% increase in the county income tax rate. There may be some electeds and citizens from Chestertown who may not like the way the county is providing additional income for the town via the increase in the income tax rate.

Then... there may be some folks who may have an opinion on the state of the county's economic development results over the last 10 or so years. It doesn't take Amir ban Basu to tell us that flat revenue is a measurement of flat economic development.

And, of course... there may be some comments about the funding for the schools.

All of the comments may be spot on... from the perspective of the presenter. But guess what? It ain't gonna change the price of eggs in the CofK nor change the budget... if the past patterns hold true. The die has been cast. 

In any case, as always, there is no admission charge for an evening of entertainment. See ya there.    

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Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


The die has been cast. >>>>

At this point, the CC's have been through their process, a process open to the public, for many weeks. It's a little late to get in the game. 

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Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


 some comments about the funding for the schools.>>>>

I'm not sure why this issue has boiled down to: 1) for the schools; 2) against the schools.

The folks who fall into the 2) category are into: deny, deny, deny about being against the schools. But... if you're not for the schools, then what are you?

Going pejorative... maybe it's the Florida Syndrome... a hidden disease that infected folks deny, deny, deny. H-M-M-M.

Yeah, some folks have some personal anecdotes to rationalize being 'against' the schools. Some of this rationalization is that a private school is inherently better than a public school. Another H-M-M-M. 

Of course, test scores are always a way out as defining our schools as poor. But... these are the folks who deny, deny, deny the insidious effects of low income on not only testing, but day to day life of a kid that comes from a low income situation.