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Shakespeare on High   As We Like It

Started Jun-8 by Robert H (Hokie67); 82 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


In many ways the performance at 400 High Street on Tuesday night, aka '20 county budget hearing, was a pure Shakespeare hodgepodge of the Bard's genres. Yeah, farce comes to mind. But... so does tragedy. Pick your favorite play and some part of it played out Tuesday night.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It all depends on the encore. What different folks do now.

Do the Chestertownies take their pep rally antics and quit letting their electeds govern in a vacuum? And start asking them the tough questions. Maybe some of them will take a visit to Howard County to get some ideas about local governance.

Do we get to see the SOS budget analysis lined up with county's budget? Isn't this a start towards an efficiency study? Maybe just a work shop on a quarterly basis is a game changer.

It's hard to put the Social Action Committee's Racial Justice initiative in perspective. Sure the end game is eliminating racism as part of our lives. Unfortunately in the great Greek debate parlance... whoever owns the definition... owns the debate... when maybe the debate should be over the definition. 

As for the county... for the 14th year in a row I have seen a budget built off of last year's chassis. What about building a zero base budgeting process over the next six months? What about taking all the town and county expenses and revenues and allocating them on a functional cost basis. Add this to the quarterly work shop... and you have a homemade efficiency study. H-M-M-M.   



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Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


you have a homemade efficiency study>>>>

Is it a wonder that folks in Rock Hall are feeling better? They should. The new crew are setting up a process for small town governance. Maybe the Chestertownies don't have to cross the Bridge to Howard County first. Maybe a trip down route 20 is a start.