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Best Vacation Ever...   Tourism

Started Jun-22 by Robert H (Hokie67); 36 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


... till the next one. We had an eventful trip to Canada... our bags didn't make our connection to Quebec City and arrived about 7/2 hours after we arrived... and we had a 7 hour weather delay in Montreal waiting for PHL to clear its airspace and gates.

But... that didn't affect how much fun we had... how much GREAT food we had... how nice the Quebecois are... and how many great sights we saw.

Quebec City, the old town... upper and lower... reminds of a small European city. Quaint... with lots of French culture... great food and shopping... with wonderful vistas. Lots of steep stairs and streets... which helped walk off the cals. Walked everywhere, except for a taxi ride to the Art Museum because it was raining. 

Montreal may now be my most favorite big city. We walked a lot around the old town, but took the Metro to the museums and gardens. We had one of our best meals ever at a Greek restaurant... and three others that were as good as we've ever had. 

One thing about their food... French Fries are high on their veggie list... whether serve as fries or as part of their poutine obsession (fries with cheddar cheese curd and gravy. 

Lots of Chinese and American tourists (enjoying the great exchange rate). Noticeably... both populations had young people everywhere. 

In any case, we made it home to our favorite destination late Thursday night. Guess what... the M'town bypass has very few cars on it at 10:30 PM!!!