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What Makes This Home?   As We Like It

Started Jun-23 by Robert H (Hokie67); 56 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


We've had three great trips this year... Key West, the Dakotas and now Quebec City/Montreal... with short stops in DC, PHL and several towns in Virginia. Invariably comparisons happen and many times those comparisons zero in on 'what they have and we don't'. And... it's not really a fair way to judge whatever aspect you're looking at, because after almost 19 years of residency, you get to see the details inside and out of our slice of paradise.

It's pretty obvious that we can never match the restaurants in Key West or Montreal or Quebec City. Size matters. Maybe the most distressing aspect is that the Dakotas and Canada threw their youth in my face. There were young people everywhere. And... Key West, the Dakotas and Canada had branded their style as it seemed for several of the towns in Virginia. 

Reality sets in after a couple of days... and I realize what we have. A farmer's market where people say 'hi, Bob' or...  a farmer tells me their kid is going to Virginia Tech or... I visit with a couple of folks at Red Acres where I'm buying lettuce or... walking in the neighborhood and a neighbor stops to ask about our trip or... someone calling to see if I'm working at Eastern Neck on Sunday and they'd like to visit with me or... chatting with a friend in ACME who is looking to get 'involved' or... welcoming a new neighbor to the neighborhood or...

... home is where the heart is. This is Home.