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Breaking the News Avoidance Addiction   Elections & Politics

Started Jun-29 by Robert H (Hokie67); 29 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


It took some doing, but I managed to Avoid the News... local, state, national and international... for most of June. Unfortunately, when I resumed after we got back from Canada... he was still president.

What I found out most during my fast was that I really didn't miss most of the news... especially everything beyond our slice of paradise. I didn't read any newspapers... including the KC News and the Chestertown Spy... or watch any news programs on TV... or online.

The next thing that came to me was that I needed to be more selective as to where I gathered my news. IF it's not on ESPN or the Weather Channel, then TV is no longer a source. I've gone 100% to Vanguard and CNN Money for my online financial fix. 

For local stuff, I browse the KC News and the Chestertown Spy (occasionally) and then seek the sources for things that I'm interested in. 

In my research about News Avoidance, almost every Millenial said that TV and Newspapers are not part of their information gathering to know what's happening in their world. And then it gets scary... FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are their sources. H-M-M-M. But, then again, it really isn't any scarier than getting it from TV where the news presentations are geared towards the entertainment factor that leads to ratings.

In any case, I spent two hours each on Wed & Thurs nights watching the Dem prez candidate debates. (Note: a separate piece on that) Oddly. a lot of my political cynicism washed away. It's almost like the feeling I had when Jesse Colvin was running for Congress. Maybe there is hope... for me.