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Great Asset   Entertainment & Recreation

Started Jul-7 by Robert H (Hokie67); 56 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


Our grand kids spent another couple of days at the pool at the Community Center. The good news... it was hot and the water temp quite refreshing. The better news... we did get in about 40 minutes of swimming and a snack before the thunder came on the fourth... and a full two and a half hours if swimming and lunch on the fifth. 

The pool and surrounding area are clean. The lifeguards are young, but very professional and attentive towards the little kids' safety.

The killer at the pool... fantastic food and really cheap prices. Some of the best french fries that I've had. Everything is made to order so it takes a while. But... the wait is worth it.

Some of the best tax $$$'s ever spent. I think all the kids agree with me. :-)