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Point of View   As We Like It

Started 4/21/19 by Robert H (Hokie67); 121 views.
Robert H (Hokie67)

From: Robert H (Hokie67)


I have a certain curiosity about how people think. Looking back on my adolescent development, I believe it manifested itself because I was shy and introverted. De facto... I did lots of observing and listening rather than talking. At some point in a particular sphere the ink blot would flip... and that point seems to have grown over these many years. Also, I'm still an introvert, but not shy... and there is a huge difference... as you can outgrow your shyness, but it's hard to leave introvertness behind.

In any case, that ink blot flips when I feel comfortable within a sphere... and there are many spheres in most people's lives... and particularly mine. And herein lies the fork in the road.

Truism #28 - The eyes are the windows of the soul. Be careful how you look at things.

And... this circles back on itself... to how people think... inductive or deductive... with 16 subsets of each, if you believe in generally accepted principles of psychology. OK - it still comes down to how individuals express themselves and where they are on a particular parallax. I think in an abstract intuitive deductive manner. This is a gift and scourge as it's a matter of how a folk applies their thought process. But... when it comes down to crunch time... no matter how you think... confusing your opinions with the facts... is a dark side of human nature... as it can make you very judgmental about the person rather than the issue or sphere.

And, unfortunately our world has become more and more judgmental as we, as a human society, live with our opinions as facts.