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Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI about conversations with Russia's ambassador and disclosed that he is cooperating with the special counsel's office.

Flynn is the first person inside the Trump administration to be reached by special counsel Robert Mueller's probe, and the developments are a sign that the investigation is intensifying.

In court Friday morning, Flynn's only comments were to answer yes and no to questions from the judge. He told the judge he has not been coerced to plead guilty or been promised a specific sentence.

[states was directed by trumpet transition officials]


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From: BlueManDude12/1/17 12:10 PM 
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Trump, Jared, Ivanka, Don jr, Pence, toss in the PM of Israel and wow, going to be a nasty December for the trump klan,

Report: Flynn Prepared to Testify That Trump Told Him to Contact Russia

ABC's Brian Ross says that Michael Flynn—the former national security adviser who pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI and is cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation—is prepared to testify that Donald Trump directed him to make contact with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign. Video:



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Yup it will . . .

Personally, it was just a matter of time before Flynn gave it up . . . he had way too much ta lose in the grand scheme of things . . .

Frankly, for all intents and purpose, if reporting has been anywhere near correct since last summer . . . Flynn was central too and or involved in damn near anything that went on . . .


From: BlueManDude12/1/17 12:18 PM 
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I hear lots of stuff from folks I used to work with in DC and the rumors have been swirling for months, most of them have become true.

The senate and house repub chairs of the committees who are investigating the election mess are also going to be in deep shit, they have been stalling, delaying, trying to shut down their investigations... the admin is pushing hard for this,

Waiting to see if trump will fire sessions so he can can Mueller, thinking everything will just go poof in the night.


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No doubt . . . the one Senate Chair (Burr) was asked today about contact with trumpet, concerning the investigation . . . to shut it down or along those lines . . . that same chair who usually will give some interview time - refused any comment  . . .

So, now the repubs have concrete evidence . . . better be above board in your dealings . . . 

As to T - no doubt at all, he is in a huddle on what to do . . . but now it's too late to make any attempt . . . but if he wants to play Nixon, in some respects welcome it . . . as would love to see his ass hauled out of the Oval Office . . .


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I'd drool if I were left in a room with Mueller's team notes on this six page document and the wall map of all those involved.... called Mar a Lago to talk to senior transition team official... wonder who that is and wonder how lawyered up pence is as he's in serious trouble as well.



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Would love to read all the supporting documents . . .



From: BlueManDude12/1/17 12:42 PM 
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As I understand it, flynn's lawyer met with Mueller Monday morning and I'm sure during the info presentation from team Mueller, went in and out to talk to flynn privately on the phone, with all the good news Mueller had given him. Apparently it took all week to structure the "deal" with much of the charge sheet left on the table for the if needed later thing.

Flynn's not an idiot, he may have thought he just might skate or be pardoned... looks like that's not happening and spent the week giving a very long and detailed statement and appeared in court today and released.

You can bet flynn heard all the people screaming "lock him up" as he left the courthouse... why high ranking military officers should stay miles away from politics...


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Just as with the Poppy agreement . . . was facing very heavy penalties, fines and jail time, for a host of offenses . . . no way Mueller would let him completely off the hook . . .

As well, letting someone off completely can tend to taint any evidence obtained against other folks . . . so a deal, as you no doubt know, will be structured in the fashion of "look if you want any chance of having any sort of plea deal for the min. "we judge" you will be charged with and that "you will plead guilty to", then you need to lay out what you know and back it up with cold hard evidence."


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