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From: RedBV DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/3/17 1:40 PM 
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The headline above is a serious question. Assuming the Trump Family and Friends Tax Cut approved by the Senate by the Senate is enacted, big cuts to Social Security and Medicare will be the next target for the White House and congressional Republican leadership.

The only question is when.

My former blogging partner Bruce Bartlett -- who in a previous life was chief economist for Republican economic icons Representatives Jack Kemp (R-NY) and Ron Paul (R-TX) -- for weeks has been shouting from the mountaintop the extreme likelihood of the GOP training its sights on Social Security and Medicare. To paraphrase Bruce's wisdom (look here, here and here, for example), the Republican deficit hawks that have been in the budget version of the witness protection program during the current mega deficit-increasing tax cut debate will reemerge with a vengeance to demand Social Security and Medicare cuts to reduce the deficit they just created.


From: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member Icon12/3/17 9:23 PM 
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And this is why I think I will move to Canada when I retire. I won't be able to pay the astronomical health care premiums. 


From: RedBV DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/4/17 12:34 AM 
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Dependent on how long till ya retire, suspect it will all be changed back . . .


From: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member Icon12/4/17 4:03 PM 
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I'm hoping I can retire in about 12 years, but I'm not even sure that I can do that for financial reason. I may really just have to try and work as long as possible -- maybe closer to 70? I can only hope the American people get smart and realize that Repubs will never help them unless they are billionaires, and finally vote for their own interests. 


From: RedBV DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/4/17 4:58 PM 
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Am already retired and started Social Security (early) . . . think the system will still be around, but may well not be like it is now for a number of reasons . . .

Exactly on the repubs . . . essentially to them a person is a use it up asset . . . when no longer usable, toss it . . .


From: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member Icon12/4/17 6:45 PM 
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Even if Medicare is around, but the benefits greatly reduced, I might find myself homeless if I end up with a catastrophic illness. If I can't pay the additional fees because I don't have enough retirement income, then what do I do? I spent much of my working life in a profession that screwed me over, so I can't count on my earnings for much in the way of retirement. I didn't earn much to contribute to a retirement account either. I'm now trying to make a career change to salvage what I can of my retirement before I really can't do anything more about it. 


From: RedBV DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/4/17 7:50 PM 
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Didn't you have anything going into Social Security



From: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member Icon12/5/17 2:55 PM 
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I'm getting screwed out of that. I spend the last 30 + years of my working life with jobs in which I paid into social security, and then some jobs in which I paid into a teacher's retirement fund (not tied to social security). Reagan, the bastard, changed the law years ago and said government employees cannot collect both, even though they have paid into both. I have paid into both, and will lose the social security. The said thing is, the teacher retirement fund is going to screw me over too. As a part-time professors, I get paid a lot less than my full-time colleagues, even though I do the same work. Likewise, the way they calculate service credit prevents me from reaching a full year's service credit in a single year, despite the fact that I actually teach the same number of classes in a year that my full-time counterparts do. Lastly, all adjuncts need to work multiple jobs to survive, but they take the pay from your multiple jobs and average them, meaning, you won't even get your retirement benefit calculated on the highest-paying job. So if you regularly teach 3 classes a semester at one school, and one class at another, and one class at another, you'll earn even less than if you only had that one job. But then how do you live on the reduced income in those last three years? (That's the time frame for calculating the benefit.) I'm single, so I can't rely on someone else. This horrid revelation that has become so clear to me in recent years drove me to pursue another degree. I'm set to graduate next year, and I'm hoping that my age is not going to prevent me from getting a job. I really need to work full time for the remainder of my working years, just to ensure I don't end up in poverty in old age. 


From: RedBV DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/5/17 9:05 PM 
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Ouch . . . that is a PITA all around . . . sorry ta hear that . . .


From: BlueMoon67 DelphiPlus Member Icon12/5/17 10:15 PM 
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It is sad. I've done my best to be part of the union activities, represent part-time faculty on various committees and such, but the problem is so much bigger than me, and I have neither the time nor the resources to keep fighting the good fight any longer. I'm hoping others will come along who have the tenacity and the means to continue to do so. I can take a little bit of credit for some small gains for the faculty at my college. All my committee service was unpaid, mind you. On multiple occasions I have made the point that part-timers shouldn't have to volunteer their time to be represented, but did not win on that front. I even asked for that to be included in contract negotiations, but it was always shot down (not by my union, but the district rejected it at the negotiations). At the end of the day, I need to make sure I survive, but the situation with part-time faculty in this country will always be important to me because I know what a shame it really is. 

If a poet knows more about a horse than he does about heaven,

he might better stick to the horse, and some day the horse may carry him into heaven.

~Charles Ives


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