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From: FREEMIKE DelphiPlus Member Icon6/7/00 11:07 AM 
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Sliently wandering through time

Endlessly looking

For the true bonds of love

The yearning that is deep

Inside my weeping heart

Is only to be heard by emptyness everlasting

Years have gone by now

Holding in the silent tears

Wanting to be touched

And to feel the vibrance of unconditional love

Longing to be held

And cradled like a newborn

Now the quiet sets deep inside my shattered heart

As I feel a thousand sorrows of tomorrows tomorrow

Walking silently through the night

The winter cold sets in

Making me shiver

In the distant as I pass by the windows lighted by Christmas eve

I see the families playing

So I close my eyes

And pretend to be inside

Listening to their songs

Of laughter and play

All I can do is walk another day silently alone

Now summer has come and I wonder

What I have become

My idenity lost in the emptyness everlasting

Now waiting for winter to set in

Only to walk by the windows at night

And pretend to be inside

Silently holding in the tears

And the sorrows

Of tomorrows tomorrow.

written by


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From: Wolfdancer (claudia49)6/7/00 11:47 AM 
To: FREEMIKE DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 33) 
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And so we continue looking for what we dont know...
But strength beyond comprehension only us can show...
For we are the lonely, the forgotten the forlorn
Thru lifes hell our souls they are worn.

But out of our souls come a song to low,
The feeling of peace only a few can know.
Yes we are the forgotten, many we are,,,,
Yet fighting always, to that distant star..

Within our suffering, within our pain...
Look all you normal ....for you'll never gain..
The wisdom of hurt, the wisdom of loss.....
For we paid our dues, tell me what is your cost?

Just a few lines that came to mind when I read this.

Love ya Mikey! Techihhila
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From: Gitte216/7/00 4:07 PM 
To: FREEMIKE DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 33) 
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Thank you for sharing this toughing poems with us. It came at the right moment for me. This is how I feel.Now I can cry some good tears and maybe the loneliness will drown.
Thank you again ((((((((Mike))))))))) Gitte

From: Gina (GinaT4)6/7/00 10:07 PM 
To: FREEMIKE DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 33) 
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Do the ideas ever stop flowing. You are incredible.
Love ya

From: FREEMIKE DelphiPlus Member Icon8/17/01 8:40 PM 
To: Gina (GinaT4)  (5 of 33) 
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((((((( gina )))))) no these ideas never stop.sometimes i think im cursed even at work my mind is seeing words and phrases pass by like some kind of movie screen at times.their are days and sometimes weeks when it does stop... ps..im just try to catch up on some posts....yeah...i know its a year old...

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From: Gina (GinaT4)8/17/01 10:36 PM 
To: FREEMIKE DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 33) 
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I reread what you wrote and it still makes me cry. Some of us are surrounded by people and still feel very lonely.

From: FREEMIKE DelphiPlus Member Icon8/18/01 7:04 AM 
To: Gina (GinaT4)  (7 of 33) 
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((((((((( GINA ))))))))))) i am sorry that the poem made you cry all over again.i can also relate to that lonely feeling.this poem reflects the teenager part of my life and i was very lonley comming from a broken family and at that time my mom reciently walked out on my dad so as the holidays came closer i always began to get even more depressed.yes i was alone my mom nowhere to be found and my dad off somewhere trying to get his life strait.yes i know that empty all too well and when i first wrote this there was a great amount of pain that came back to me.i cryed also.this is why { my dear gina } you must never leave your kids so they dont have to experience this kind of pain.

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From: Gina (GinaT4)8/18/01 12:11 PM 
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You know I shouldn't feel so alone. You see you have reasons. I only wished my parents would have left me. I wish my parents never had me. I think I was a mistake in their lives.

Did you keep any contact with your mother?


From: FREEMIKE DelphiPlus Member Icon8/18/01 1:08 PM 
To: Gina (GinaT4)  (9 of 33) 
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keep in contact???? the only thing she left was a note on the table when i got home from school one day.then after 33 years my sister found her but i havent seen her in person yet.

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From: Gina (GinaT4)8/19/01 11:06 AM 
To: FREEMIKE DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 33) 
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If your sister had contact, did your mother try to give an explanation? If this is too much to talk about just say so okay Mike?

Love to you,



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