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Protect your dogs on the 4th of July   Behavior and Training

Started 6/30/18 by DW (GSDogwalker); 447 views.

From: CharlieEMC


New to this forum but very familiar with the problem.

We rescued a GSD mix female that had a huge problem dealing with the 4th of July, New Years eve & even regular thunderstorms.  We decided to stay home with her during those holidays & did our best to calm her down.  I guess some people would think that is a bit too much but my wife and I could not enjoy ourselves knowing she was home going through hell anyway.  

Aside from letting them deal with the problem on their own there's nothing else you can do if you have a dog with that problem.  

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


Thank you and welcome.  Yes, there isn’t much else to do other than sedate a dog.  We keep our dogs with us on holidays, too.


From: glo214


It's hard to sedate a dog because you don't know when the thunderstorms will strike.  You know the usual fireworks on the 4th of July and New Years.  I have found that tying a long scarf around the dog will help calm them.  Also, don't make a big deal about their shaking or trying to hide.  If you pet them at that time, I think it will encourage that behavior.

We had a shepherd who reacted to those loud noises. By ignoring her behavior we didn't encourage it. It took awhile to break her of her reactions but that was because the times when guns and  fireworks went off was a long time between the celebrations.

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DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


My dogs don’t mind noises at all.  They are all different.


From: Solitaire13


None of mine care about fireworks or gunshots. I have had dogs that were terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms in the past. I would not curse that on anyone. 

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


I know someone whose German Shepherd jumped and broke a door, ran into the street and was run over on the 4th.  It’s very serious.