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Natural born dock diver!   Controversies, Catastrophes and Teaky Moments (Enter at your own risk)

Started 7/24/19 by Solitaire13; 1186 views.

From: Marypickford


 I once read that there are a few tests you can give puppies before you choose them. One is to press the area betwen the toes. If they have a strong reaction, it means they have a low pain tolerance and might be snappy. There are a bunch of them, including looking for dogs that are friendly, but not too crazy jumpy. It doesn't guarantee the puppy you choose will be all things perfect, but it can give someone an idea.

No matter what, raising a dog from a puppy is a time consuming task, especially if you want a working dog or a guard dog.

yet it is oh so rewarding. 

I get pissed off when I hear about some people raise their dogs- as if they are humans, or worse, spoiled rotten children who can do no wrong. Then they complain how hard it is to be in the house with a dog that isn't house trained. Ugh!

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


The Volhard Puppy test supposedly tests temperament but some don’t like it.  The best analysis is done by someone experienced with the bred who can see puppies interact with each other and with people and determine what their temperaments are.