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Therapy horse on American Airlines   Controversies, Catastrophes and Teaky Moments (Enter at your own risk)

Started 9/3/19 by DW (GSDogwalker); 1114 views.

i knew they  used them for "guide animals" occasionally and did not realize they also used them for "therapy" hence  the question

The cat in my sig is actually modeled after a Persian cat i had, named George. I was a bit embarrassed posting him on a dog forum. Wasn't able to take my sig off before he got posted for some reason. 

Glad you like him.

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


We love cats here.  Sol has a bunch of them. And lots of dogs.

They can be used for therapy but not in the same way that dogs are. 

Can I invite anyone who wants to to my forum Feline Forum webtag cats?

yes I have had a cat as a service animal pre-2010, and cats as emotional assistance animals. Here is my current cat McKenna-a personal emotional assistance cat. Definitely services my mental health.
Oh and I love dogs too and have lurked at this forum before.

Thank YOU--I have an emotional assistance cat, McKenna

also a forum on cats: "Feline Forum"

Here is McKenna again


From: Solitaire13


I am lazy, can you post a link?  I love cats!  Please feel free to hang around and chat too.  We can always add things for cats too.  Cat stuff most likely would be found under Teaky moments.  

I would love to hear about your cat and her duties!

link to forum (it really is McKenna's forum)

McKenna's duties: gets me up in the morning around 6 so i get my first meds of the day and set up a little medical meal for him, he also gets my attention when someone's at the door by going to the door (before they knock), and puts me to bed around 10:30pm... plus is just a soft and fluffy plushy toy the rest of the time...nice to brush and to pet and to have on hand when people visit

David (service cat who had community access back before 2010 when species other than dogs could have community access-) could tell when i was about to have an epileptic seizure and got my attention by sniffing my nose, also would pick up objects i dropped and "paw" them to me... he lived with me from 1995-2005. He was diabetic the last year of his life with me.  Unfortunately i do not have a pic that even looks like David online. He was a brown spotted tabby, with a gold background and a green eye.

Both these cats did/can fetch soft is a good game for many cats 

I adopted both cats from the same local Animal Control agency as adults, interestingly, David was a Bengal with one eye, and McKenna is a Domestic Longhair.
George, the Persian you admired in one of my sigs, was given me to take care of when his owner was unable to care for him, in 2006. He was 8 and he lived with me another 8 years.

I have had McKenna since Sep 3, 2014-he was 5 when I adopted him. At 10 he is becoming an old man. Sleeps most of the time.  Wakes up to tell me it is time for bed.