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We got a dog   Off Subject

Started 9/11/19 by StageKidsMom; 286 views.

From: StageKidsMom


Remember me?  I was going to get a German Shepherd puppy. We volunteered for a breeder.  Then we went to a dog show and my children fell in love with American Shepherds, which are Aussies that are bred here.  A handler connected us with a breeder at the show who had a male she was testing. He didn’t even place, and she offered to sell him to us when the show was over.  So, we waited around and bought him right there.  He was 10 months old, trained and he loves my children.  He is tri color and is a little too big to show but she wanted to try anyway just in case.  He fit in very nicely.  The only thing I worried about was neutering.  We got him for a reasonable price if we agreed to neuter. So we did at 12 months and got a partial refund from the breeder and his AKC papers.  He is perfect for a first dog.


From: Solitaire13


Nice choice! They are a very nice breed. You can't go wrong if you stick with herders. 

I am happy you found a dog that fits in well with your family and he is probably house broken too! What a find!

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


Congratulations and enjoy your dog.  Thank you for letting us know. 


From: Showtalk


Cool! My sister bought a puppy from a show breeder that was the wrong size for showing and has an awesome puppy. Although it didn’t come pre trained because it was 12 weeks.  Enjoy your dog.