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Christmas tragedies    Controversies, Catastrophes and Teaky Moments (Enter at your own risk)

Started Dec-21 by Solitaire13; 90 views.

From: Solitaire13


While the rest of the world gears up to enjoy the holidays, some families are facing needless tragedies.  Three days ago a 77 year old man and his little dog were mauled to death by a pack of Pit Bull mixes in his own backyard. Yesterday, an as of yet unidentified woman was found lying in a ditch mauled to death by Pit Bulls.  That same day, a 44 year old woman was mauled to death by the family's 8 year old pet Pit Bull as she experienced a seizure, a common Pit Bull trigger. 

May we hold the survivors of these grisly slaughters close to our hearts throughout the Christmas and holiday season. May the New Year bring a renewed and concerted effort to put an end to these senseless and highly preventable tragedies. May we hope that there will be no more victims throughout this holiday season.