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From: Solitaire13


The weather here has been God awful and we are knee deep in mud so here we sit and wait. I think Teaky is coming into heat adding to the frustration. 

Agent, one of the Czech imports,  the pick pup for LE work, is now a year old. We have struggled terribly with training as he has struggled with pano for a very long time. I also am not reaching him. He's a good dog but he is not getting it. Perhaps I am too easy on him because of his pano.

Dlila, the little working line cow dog, still as delightful as ever but needs to hone her obedience skills. She is harmless,  adores animals... and people. She is now 6.5 months and a cute little thing at 32#. But she will light up at big, unruly animals. It's in her DNA.

So I took those two with me to run some errands.  (Yea, the Malikins stayed home and their crate training is going well, but that's another brag). I stopped in the back of a shopping center to let them run a bit.

As I parked,  I saw two deer about 40 ft to my left. I let the dogs out. The deer bolted and the dogs were on them closing the distance to 20 ft in a second.... and then I recalled... and they slammed on the brakes and came back. I am so proud of these two. 

I rewarded them with letting them hunt and track the entire hillside,  even letting them go out of sight.  I rewarded them with the environment doing what they are born to do. It was a win win situation. 

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


Agent and Dlila?  They are awesome dogs. Congratulations!


From: Marypickford


What is LE training and Pano? I found your little diary interesting and educational.

I wish our shepherd- lab mix knew how to hit the brakes on a chase. We had to get a shock collar to get a handle on his tendency to find a scent or hunt, and follow it no matter what. After a few shocks, only a few beeps got it to halt the chase and come back- most of the time! We lived in the country, so letting it roam for a bit wasn't much of a risk, though the road always worried us. During hunting season we had them under more restraints. One hunter warned us if he saw our dog while hunting, he would shoot. He probably meant it. Hunters take their hobby seriously. We lost an incredible Palestinian Hound to a car, and I'm convinced it tried to hit her, as she did run from cars eventually. A honk on the horn would have done it. Some people are like that.

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


LE is law enforcement. She does personal protection with a few select dogs.  Pano is panosteitis which are growing pains. A dog with bad pano can’t walk at all.