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The concept of contrafreeloading   Controversies, Catastrophes and Teaky Moments (Enter at your own risk)

Started May-18 by Solitaire13; 132 views.

From: Solitaire13


"It is a universal law of nature that all living beings have an inborn need to work for their food. When most people think of primal needs, they usually think of things like food, water, shelter, safety, and sleep but, interestingly enough, gainful employment is also on that list. This principle was first discovered by a scientist named Glen Jensen, who published a study showing that rats would choose to press a bar for food rather than eat the same food available in a dish nearby (1963). Since his groundbreaking study was published, several other studies went on to test that hypothesis with a variety of species and examine a variety of aspects of the phenomenon (Neuringer, 1969; Osborne, 1977; Inglis et al., 1997; among others), and each study found the same thing: the desire to work for food is innate, even though the skill to do so is learned. When an animal is taught how to work for their food, they will choose to work for a meal even when the exact same meal is available for free. Thus, the term contrafreeloading was born: “contra” means opposed to or against and “freeloading” means getting things without giving anything in return."


From: Solitaire13


I guess that could fall under that but if you work them too hard or too little it can backfire.

Regardless,  I never thought it was a scientifically proven thing.

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


Yes, it is.  Eventually someone studies everyone.