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Pano, what you should know   Controversies, Catastrophes and Teaky Moments (Enter at your own risk)

Started Oct-2 by Solitaire13; 86 views.

From: Solitaire13


At a vet visit for a totally unrelated problem, my vet noticed my puppy's lazy sits. She said that it was a sign of pano. So we xrayed and it turned out that he had pano in all four legs and that was the reason that it wasn't noticeable, because he was limping on all four legs. So when your puppy sits off to the side or with a rounded back, remember that sometimes there are physical reasons beyond training that can manifest as lazy sits. 

I have had three dogs with vet confirmed pano. The first pup had it in all four legs. It took a vet tech watching him in a park to say that his gait was off and suggesting that I get him vet checked to find out what was going on.  He quickly recovered and never had another known episode.  The second dog had his first bout with pano when he was about 1 year and it didn't end until he was around 4 years. The last pup, mentioned above, also had it in 4 legs from being a few months old and still has it at over 2 years of age.  It is very hard to detect when it is in all 4 legs or if it isn't severe enough to cause a limp. Pano can appear as flu like aches and pains.

For those of you who are Stonnie Dennis fans, Stonnie believes that physical pain is often the cause of puppies that suddenly fail to perform obedience that they previously had done. It makes me wonder how many times I pushed my dogs to perform when they were suffering from pano unknown to me. All I can say is pay attention to your puppies.  Sometimes they are trying to tell you something. 

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


Mine started misbehaving during pano. I’m sure it was all pain related. He has it bad.  There are different signs. I will check pictures to see if he had a sloppy sit.