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Best use for each German Shepherd line   Behavior and Training

Started 6/28/21 by DW (GSDogwalker); 612 views.

From: Kazell


It seems like a lot of show and pet line dogs show a lot of herding traits. Possibly because they aren’t selectively bred for IPO/tracking traits which don’t necessarily translate to herding traits, particularly in the differences in the  prey drive department. 

It really is interesting to watch Shelby the WGSL/pet bred dog and I really wish I could’ve tried to get into herding with her. Last time I was back home we had 6 dogs all together. Her mentality was different than when it was just her and 2 other dogs. Definitely tapping more into controlling the group over controlling the play with herding tendencies. I personally haven’t seen much for herding traits in the other GSD I’ve spent time with like I do with her. Our other was ASL type and he was big into tracking. Granted Shelby doesn’t have really have any other drives besides wanting to be best friends with everything 

The byb WGSL dogs I’ve been around definitely seem to do well as a general public companion provided they have an owner capable of doing basic training. Not sure if that comes from byb breeding or the traits in WGSL selection

ASL seem similar but I’ve seen more of them with reactivity etc. A few of them I think they’d be decent dogs in the right hands, but they have too much of a demanding edge to be in the hands of any type of push over. Pretty sure they’re all from the same breeder here in town who is a color breeder as well. She did get her hands on some really nice dogs somehow. Didn’t keep a single one of them for her program though‍??

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


I went to a lot of local dog shows for a few years and only stopped when COVID hit and they were cancelled.  I initially went for the advanced obedience trials as I hadn’t seen one and I was curious which dogs were entered and how they did. I saw some WL dogs, all small sable females, and a lot of other breeds.  The GSDs did really well in Utility and Open.  

The beauty contest trials were mostly all ASL and they were very well behaved.  I talked to breeders and owners after they showed but to be fair, there was only one line in any show that looked really nice in terms of structure and movement.  Dogs that go to a lot of shows tend to be high energy, even a bit whiney out of the ring, a lot of pacing and squirming, but when they hit the show ring they had sharp, clean movements.  I talked to one woman who must have been 75 who had a 2 year old male she purchased at a show the previous year for the breeder.  Her agreement was she would take the dog and bring him to shows, and their handler would title him.  He was a very nice dog.  I have a picture of him somewhere.  That was about 5 years ago.  Her husband died and she went to a dog show and came home with a dog.  That is rare as they aren’t allowed to use shows to sell dogs on the premises, but they found a way around that.  He was 1 when she took him.  I presumed if she was unable to keep him when she got older, he would go back to the breeder.