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Co-owned dogs Nature vs Nurture   Behavior and Training

Started 2/28/18 by DW (GSDogwalker); 2113 views.
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From: AislinnDeb


Littermate sisters were donated to my program. They are working line with one line a generation back that is WGSL. One had been raised in a house with a family. The other was raised in a pen in a shed with two doors she could see out. At six months the family one was returned because she was too much for the family to handle, too hyper. At six and a half months old we got them. The family one is currently with a fire chief, goes to work with him and lays under his desk when he is working at it and walks around with him when he's working around the station. His job no longer entails going to fires. She looks similar to Enya, but lighter in color. She is aloof, busy, alert and nothing phases her. Her sister, Nova, is currently with me. She was terrified of the world. (They are eight months old now.) She was terrified of other dogs, cats, the yard, a bird, you name it. To take her out for housebreaking I had to go with her, she'd potty and run for the door, trying to break back into the house. Her reaction to other dogs is fear aggression, unless they warn her, then she freezes. 

In the last six weeks she's learned to be around toy dogs, the two male GSDs, cats and people. She loves people now, loves kids. I don't let her out with Enya. Enya is good with all other dogs, UNLESS they stare at her in a challenge, then it's game on to correct the other dog. She'll stop with a 'leave it', but not happily. Enya mostly ignores Nova in her crate but will occasionally give her a quick correction. (Nova's crate is in the livingroom so she can experience living in a house.) Nova is turning into a very sweet girl, housebroke now, loosing her fears and wanting to be involved. She loves going out in the yard and playing with the male GSDs and no longer tries to break back into the house. Had she been raised in a house she would have been an awesome girl. The progress she made in the first four weeks was amazing from where she started. But good genetics can help a dog overcome a lot.

DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


You just proved that genetics are important but there must be more.  How sad for that poor puppy.  

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DW (GSDogwalker)

From: DW (GSDogwalker)


I just saw a video my breeder posted on their site of an identical brother.  It’s uncanny how much that male dog is like my dog.  They look the same. They hold their ears the same and they have the same mannerisms.  The dog was lying on the couch with the same toy my dogs likes to carry around.  I never let my dogs on the couch, except this one.  He is calmest on furniture.   The only difference is that her 18 month old male is much quieter than mine was at that age, but hers might have been really tired.  At night, after a full day of exercise, mine was wiped out too at 18 months.