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I play hide and seek with my German shepherd   Behavior and Training

Started Jun-25 by IamIstiaque; 105 views.

From: Kazell


There’s a couple good ways to play hide and seek. One is to randomly hide (while in a safe location) behind an object or even laying down in tall grass. 
you can also do it in the house, I personally do not do this though as I don’t want my dog looking for me in the house.

Another is if you have two people have one person stay in a place where the dog cannot see you go and hide. Once you’ve hidden have the dog go and find you. At the beginning I’d recommend having the dog downwind if possible. 

 It’s a great way to help teach a dog to stay close offleash and not run off. They learn to keep an eye on you rather than being able to take off when they want.