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Harvey the Hurricane Hawk   Raptors

Started Aug-26 by I LOVE Bugs! (Kidmagnet); 476 views.

I'll post the full series of videos of this amazing twosome.


A Hawk is seeking refuge in my taxi from Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is approaching and a Coppers hawk seeks refuge in my car and does not want to leave. His wing is fine y'all. I checked him over. Nothing bro...

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UPDATE #2 Harvey the Hurricane Hawk

Trying desperately to get him to fly off. He simply refuses to leave. The winds are picking up from Hurricane Harvey.

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UPDATE #3 Harvey the Hurricane Hawk

He had ferociously made his decision. He does not want to fly away. He will not leave. He can stay until Hurricane Harvey passes over. Anytime after that he ...

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UPDATE #4 Harvey the Hurricane Hawk

He wants to ride on the dash. He's just decided to give himself a job- CabbieHawk Co-Pilot LOL!


From: Cstar1


It's a pretty amazing story, isn't it? I got the distinct feeling that hawk was not wild, but was probably a young captive that someone had been training. Though there didn't seem to be any jesses attached, and I thought they always wore them. 

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HARVEY The Hurricane Hawk! It's just before 7am and Hurricane Harvey is pouring down rain in Houston, Texas. Harvey The Hurricane Hawk is hunkered down with ...

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UPDATE #6 Harvey the Hunkered Down Hurricane Hawk

We're still watin fer Noahs Ark to sail by. Harvey the Hurricane Hawk has been hunkering down on his own with me and my Cab Buddy and best friend, and our Re...

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UPDATE #7 Sgnt. Hurricane Harvey The Hunkered Down Hurricane Hawk

We just hunkered down! Harvey the Hurricane Hawk had posted up and refuses to leave. My door is open so whenever he wishes to fly off he is free as a Hawk! W...

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UPDATE #8 Sgnt Hurricane Harvey the Hawk

It's FEEDING time! And is just loving chicken hearts. Finger licken GOOD! I am being told I will get a knock at my door because a wild hawk is in my apartmen...

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FINAL UPDATE! Sgnt Harvey is in GREAT hands now!

Miss. Ivory Rose from with the TWRC Wildlife Center on the west side of Houston came to retrieve Sgnt Hurricane Harvey to better care for him. What an awesom...

LOL Well I hope the hawk was as entertained with his host as he was with Harvey.