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The Budgie   General

Started 3/2/18 by WTG- to you squeaky wheels! (Kidmagnet); 211 views.

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We have a blue male budgie as well. We've had Gus for almost 6 years now. We found him trucking along the sidewalk near our home. Thsi is him with his girl friend Claudia who unfortunately passed away this past summer.

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Gus and Claudia were friendly for nearly 4 years before Gus decided Claudia was to be his mate. Gus usually chose inappropriate times to partake in this actively often when we had company.

Oh, look at the birds! OH!... umm, look at those birds <cough>

Well, it is not called the birds and the bees for nothing!

Unfortunately Gus was a little more eager about this new found hobby than Claudia was and soon she took to violently thwarting off his attempts. I had to separate them and although their cages were right next to each other, they pined away, refusing to eat until they were placed back together.

The first summer this time-out routine worked fine for settling things down. This passed summer however it did not. I'm not sure if it was the stress, or if she stopped eating but Claudia passed away one early September morning and Gus flew into a panic as she hit the cage floor. Once I removed her and placed a mirror in the cage Gus seemed to return to his good nature self. He did not pine for his honey but knowing how he relentlessly hounded her we decided he should spend his remaining years as a bachelor. Lonely? Maybe he is, it's hard to tell. I know that although he abruptly moves away from my approaching hand as I go about refilling his food and water each day, he hops straight over when a cat places itself next to his cage. He sings and chats away to his feline companions.


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They look like they're enjoying themselves.