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David was considered a friend of God. Jesus told his disciples they were no longer servants, but his friends, if they did what he commanded. We are his friends, not because of us, but, because he first loved us

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Started Jun-14 by LegendsOfBatman (hithrees); 114 views.

Something I found interesting a long time ago, is God goes under the assumption that everyone knows he exists. Obviously, God know that there are people, for whatever reason, do not. But, he never argues or tries to prove he exists. Even in the name we know him by, Ywh, this is how he reveals himself. "But who will I tell them sent me?" Moses asks. Tell them, "I am has sent you" so, when he goes back to the Israelites, when they ask, he says, "He is sent me". 

What is God's name? I'm not sure he has one. 
What about all the names of God in the Bible. Jehovah Jirah, etc., etc., etc.? Well, let's take a look at God. He's the only one. Names are used to distinguish from others. Mine is Tim. There's about 7 billion people on the earth. So, Tim is used to identify me from 7 billion other people. My surname distinguishes me from others; yet, at last look, there were 27 others in America who have the same name as myself. The point is, there are no other gods, so, there's no need for a name. Hence, he says, "I am". The others I would say are more descriptive than anything. God heals. God gives. God loves. God creates. As far as the word "God" goes, it's a word we use for deity. It's not his name. Just as "Father" is not his name, but what we call him. 

Time for a word lesson. Muslims and Christians tend to agree on one thing. God is not Allah and Allah is not God. However, both are rather incorrect. The word we translate as God is "El", and "Elohim". It means, "God". The same is true of the word "Allah". In English, we translate it "God". 
Now, the main difference is not the wording, but, who we see as being that "God". Christians agree with the Jews, and we understand that to be the one who revealed himself as "Ywh", the creator of the universe. We now understand this to be the one we call "The Father", "The Son" and the "Holy Spirit". And while this tri-unity is who we call God, the Muslims do not see that as being their "Allah" or God. 
Point to all this? Yes, there is one, and it basically comes down to "Yes. I can accept Allah is God", but, no we do not serve the same God. 

Something I hear Christians say all the time, but, I prefer not, is how they want to learn about God. I play semantics here, probably. Rather than teaching about God, and rather than learning about God, I want to teach people who God is, and I want to learn who God is. I find that (as a 4 year old might say) "more better". Maybe not grammatically correct, but definitely ultimate goal-correct. 

In a completely separate discussion, I think I will go into the Trinity, because that is generally a hard one for people to grasp. 

Thanks for stopping bye, and feel free to respond. 

HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


The English translation of "I am" makes no sense. The Hebrew word is the name.

Genesis starts out calling god "El" which is the Canaanite god. Looks like Zeus, Caucasian, male, grey hair, warrior's build. This fits considering Abraham settled there. "Elohim" is "El's children" that created Adam according to Canaanite myths.

So ... myths. No god-inspired literature. Just stories about god.

LegendsOfBatman (hithrees)

Host's Note: This has been addressed under the "Moses" thread; but can certainly be continued. 

Sasha (AlexAnatole)

From: Sasha (AlexAnatole)


By the way, Middle Eastern Christians were calling God "Allah" for seven centuries before the rise of Islam.