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David was considered a friend of God. Jesus told his disciples they were no longer servants, but his friends, if they did what he commanded. We are his friends, not because of us, but, because he first loved us

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Why Do Some People Seem To Have it Harder Than Others?   Bible Questions

Started 7/11/17 by LegendsOfBatman (hithrees); 263 views.
LegendsOfBatman (hithrees)

Life is not easy. Life is not fair. This sound about right?
Generally, Christians tend to not believe in "luck"-- good or bad. Some people say "Life is what you make it". I'll watch Wheel of Fortune, and know a certain person is going to win that coveted million dollar prize. How? Because they seem to "have that kind of luck", where as you or I would figure to go on the show and hit "Bankrupt", and "Lose A Turn" just about every time we spin the wheel. 
There's something theologically incorrect to say "God's punishing you" when it seems the whole universe is "out to get you". Then there are those who insist that it's solely based on decisions you made. Or, still others who say, "Every one else has caused my problems". "You are your own worst enemy" people will counter. 

I'll be honest. I have no clue here. I can't see God punishing one person by having "everything" go against them. You mean those who are "worse" God is blessing? That can't be right.
But, how is it that some people "have it" and some just don't. It can get downright depressing when "everything" goes against a person "all the time". I'm not one who has ever had "everything" go my way "all the time" or even some of the time. Sometimes, I wonder if ever of time; so, I can't answer how that person feels when "everything" smiles on them all the time. Can they make the dumbest decision, and still come out smelling like roses? Or, is "God with them" and not with others? Is it all a bunch of coincidences or is the "universe really against Tim"? or you? 
What are your thoughts here? Let's explore this, and see what pops up.  


From: mieye


First one I think of is Job, where God allowed him to be tested.

Second one I think of is a friend who lives in a different world.  Her mentality is stuck in the 70's church when people often blessed others with gifts. She has a husband who waits for work to come to him instead of finding work and earning for his family.  Lazy is the word I use for both, yet they blame others for their circumstances.  They are always in need and there is no disability among them.  

The third, I believe, has a curse on him.  Something of value is always getting stolen, family is sick the majority of the time, bankruptcy, stolen identity etc.  He comes across as a smart guy with alotta bad luck.  Way too much for one person.  

No answer as to why, or why them, but I believe our eternal God is concerned with our reactions than the circumstances we are in.  People are watching, and we are His examples.  

I don't believe God harms His people. He gives us peace in all circumstances, if we would accept it.

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LegendsOfBatman (hithrees)

WOW! That is so perfect, I think. 

There are those who have just crappy rotten luck. When I fall into the whiney stage, I hear God say, "Well, at least you don't get thrown in a lion's den" or, "Come on you wuss. You have it so easy. You live in America, you don't have to do back breaking work for 20 hours a day for 15 cents a year.  You even get to play in water, whenever you want, people are dying because they cant drink their water. You DRIVE to work, while people used to have to walk EVERYWHERE! You have a computer, a roof over your house, clothes, many many many clothes. SO many, it broke your closet rod. And you're whining because things dont go your way? HOW MUCH BETTER could they be?" 
And then I go pout because he's right.

I had a real bad time in my life, where I was out of work almost 2 years. Literally everyone looked at me like I was lazy (and, maybe I am) and just did not want to work. Mmmm, nope, that wasnt it. I pretty much have always taken any job that would hire me. Yes, even cleaning toilets. I'm not good with landscaping or being out in the heat, and its gotten worse. But, ive done that too. Fortunately, not very long, but, I have. During my "leave of absence" I went to the church and I would work with the guy who cleaned the church, and worked there until a job came around. Later I was unfortunate to be out of work again. This time, it was not to teach me to wait on the Lord, but, rather my new pastor and his family. (I was like, REALLY God? Again. Why couldn't they learn from their own experience? And, why couldn't I have learned from someone else's too?. LOL) Once again, work was hard to come by, and the pastor was freaking out, his wife was freaking out, their kid, the music pastor, was freaking out, and I was like, "Why are you freaking out? The Lord will, in his time, provide me the right job". Of course, they could also see I would be homeless had I not gotten work and SOON! I could too, but, having been down that road before, I knew, "Wait upon the Lord", and sure enough, in his time, the right job opened up. 
I don't know if thats what the one family is doing, or, not. By the sounds of it, no. Somehow, some way, I never once had to borrow money, or ask for a hand out. I never had more than my $150 unemployment check, but, someone actually borrowed money from me to buy his wedding ring. Go figure! God ALWAYS had my back. It was simply amazing to sit back and watch God keep hi promises. 

You are sooooo right in your post. Thanks so much