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David was considered a friend of God. Jesus told his disciples they were no longer servants, but his friends, if they did what he commanded. We are his friends, not because of us, but, because he first loved us

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Why Do Some People Seem To Have it Harder Than Others?   Bible Questions

Started Jul-11 by LegendsOfBatman (hithrees); 139 views.
LegendsOfBatman (hithrees)

Life is not easy. Life is not fair. This sound about right?
Generally, Christians tend to not believe in "luck"-- good or bad. Some people say "Life is what you make it". I'll watch Wheel of Fortune, and know a certain person is going to win that coveted million dollar prize. How? Because they seem to "have that kind of luck", where as you or I would figure to go on the show and hit "Bankrupt", and "Lose A Turn" just about every time we spin the wheel. 
There's something theologically incorrect to say "God's punishing you" when it seems the whole universe is "out to get you". Then there are those who insist that it's solely based on decisions you made. Or, still others who say, "Every one else has caused my problems". "You are your own worst enemy" people will counter. 

I'll be honest. I have no clue here. I can't see God punishing one person by having "everything" go against them. You mean those who are "worse" God is blessing? That can't be right.
But, how is it that some people "have it" and some just don't. It can get downright depressing when "everything" goes against a person "all the time". I'm not one who has ever had "everything" go my way "all the time" or even some of the time. Sometimes, I wonder if ever of time; so, I can't answer how that person feels when "everything" smiles on them all the time. Can they make the dumbest decision, and still come out smelling like roses? Or, is "God with them" and not with others? Is it all a bunch of coincidences or is the "universe really against Tim"? or you? 
What are your thoughts here? Let's explore this, and see what pops up.