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David was considered a friend of God. Jesus told his disciples they were no longer servants, but his friends, if they did what he commanded. We are his friends, not because of us, but, because he first loved us

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Who Is Your Favorite Christian Band?   Polling Booth

Started 8/4/17 by LegendsOfBatman (hithrees); 110 views.
LegendsOfBatman (hithrees)

There are a variety of styles of music. This poll is a written poll, in the beginning. As we get some listed, we'll see about a list of bands and artists and narrow it that way. For now, I thought it'd be fun to see what and who people like (in the Christian genre-- be it "rock", "metal", "country", "jazz", older hymn singers, whatever, list up to three-- no, let's make it five. 
This is NOT a discussion about what style is good, bad or whatever, ONLY who your favorite singers, bands, etc. are. 
We can do that topic elsewhere, ok? 

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LegendsOfBatman (hithrees)

Favorite 3 Christian Singers/Bands/etc.

1. Petra 
2. Stryper
3. Nitro Praise
4. White Cross
5. Whiteheart